DateLocationStateNameAgeCause of Death
3/19/1860Franklin CountyPAboychoked on a cherry pit
3/30/1868RochesterMNWilliam Church8ate wild parsnips
4/15/1875MansfieldOHFrankie Snyder6choked on a bean
11/6/1875OxfordPAboy, 19-months1.6choked on a hickory nut shell
6/22/1876AlvaWAMartha Turpeningchoked on a bean
9/14/1876Cherry RidgePAboychoked on a bean
1/27/1877MackinawILboychoked on a cartridge shell
4/6/1877BenningtonVTboyswallowed a screw
8/24/1877MeridenCT2 childrenmushroom poisoning
12/29/1877ElmiraNYLouis Bower7choked on an apple peel
8/22/1879GlenwoodINgirlchoked on a bean
2/5/1880BellefontaineOHSusan Day5choked on a bean
8/3/1880Mt. JoyPAgirlchoked on a piece of an apple
9/23/1880DundeeOHgirlchoked on a bean
12/18/1881St. PaulMNboychoked on a sweet pickle
5/18/1882LancasterPAWillie Ratsinger5choked on some ground coffee beans
5/23/1882OmahaNEC. R. Seydellswallowed a screw
10/21/1882YumaAZgirlchoked on an acorn
1/24/1884San AntonioTXFrancisco Leal4choked on a pecan hull
2/5/1885Fort WorthTXboyswallowed a screw
10/27/1885UnionvilleOHboyate 6 watermelons
3/4/1886NavarreOHboy2choked on potatoes
3/20/1886IrwintonGA2 boysate wild jessamine buds
8/13/1886ParisKYSam Whaley10choked on a plum pit
10/27/1886RichburgNYgirlchoked on a bean
5/5/1887StendalIN3 boysate wild parsnips
2/21/1889YoungstownOHboyfrom eating paper over a period of time
4/12/1889New YorkNYAbraham Luberman, 19-months1.6swallowed a screw
12/17/1889Des MoinesIAboy6choked on an egg
6/19/1890BrownstownINBertha Brown, 14-months1.2swallowed a loaded cartridge
3/17/1891MesaAZgirl, 11-months0.9choked on a piece of a carrot
4/10/1891Los AngelesCACharles Schneider7choked on a balloon
10/11/1891StocktonNJboyswallowed the rubber tip of a pencil
2/24/1892KeokukIALee Bassettchoked on a piece of an apple
3/6/1892SpringfieldMOboychoked on bread & butter
5/30/1892SteubenvilleOHboy2choked on a peanut
9/20/1892RainfieldNYBrown Van Vleet6choked on a bean
11/29/1892FranklinKYJohn Quire12choked on a bean
10/18/1893KnoxdalePAboy3choked on a piece of chestnut
12/8/1893HillsdaleMIboy2choked on a bean
3/14/1894CincinnatiOHEva Murphy12choked on a balloon
6/21/1895Mt. VernonOHgirl2choked on a bean
10/1/1895LawrenceburgKYgirlchoked on a bean
11/12/1895HopkinsvilleKYCharles Buckner15after eating a whole watermelon
1/22/1896HelenaMTLouis Cain12choked on a piece of an egg
2/17/1896DekovenKYgirl2choked on a bean
2/26/1896HopkinsvilleKYgirl3choked on a bean
3/25/1896Beech HillWVgirl3ate dried apples which swelled up in her stomach
6/30/1896New YorkNYGeorge Cosgrove2swallowed a marble
8/1/1896YonkersNYGeorge Hudder5drank whiskey
1/29/1897WestervilleSDgirlchoked on a bean
2/26/1897ScrantonPAJohn Donahoe2swallowed a button
4/23/1897EnglishIN2 boysate wild parsnips
5/3/1897New YorkNYIda Raskin1swallowed a peanut shell
6/30/1897Salt Lake CityUTboy, 14-months1.2swallowed lye
8/17/1897Stony BrookMNFred Rubert4choked on a bean
4/1/1898FresnoCAKatie Borgarswallowed a screw
6/17/1898ChesterUTboy5drank belladona
9/15/1898Knox CountyKYgirl3choked on a bean
9/28/1898PhiladelphiaPAHugh Jones Jr3choked on a piece of string
1/14/1899ChicagoILLouis Decola5choked on a bean
1/19/1899New YorkNYLenora Bell11swallowed a balloon
3/24/1899BridgetoneNJgirl11swallowed chewing gum
8/10/1899East LiverpoolOHboychoked on a plum pit
2/14/1900WashingtonDCNathaniel Simms, 16-months1.3choked on a piece of meat
2/16/1900Sauk RapidsMNgirl2choked on a piece of bread
4/25/1900GladesboroVAboy5ate Easter flower roots
5/28/1900PittsburghPAFrancis McCorrye6drank whiskey
8/30/1900Los AngelesCAboy1drank gasoline
8/30/1900RadnerINEtta Horner14ate a pint of mustard
9/7/1900BrooklynNYGeorge Lenz4ate the tops off of jimson weed
9/7/1900SharonPAboy4choked on a William Jennings Bryan campaign button
2/5/1901HonoluluHIAlbert Dale5choked on a brass nozzle from a kerosene can
2/15/1901CentraliaILHarry Schmidt10after eating canned beef
4/20/1901ArdmoreOKboy2choked on a quinine capsule
10/4/1901TomahWIGeorge Brophy7drank whiskey
10/10/1901St. LouisMOAlfred Beeman6choked on a piece of an apple
1/13/1902RedondoCAEarl Francis4ate strychnine cake intended to kill rats
1/30/1902JacksonMSBarbara Bothmanswallowed an acorn
3/21/1902NorthfieldMAboy, 17-months1.5choked on a peach pit
3/26/1902LaPorteINRosco Lange6drank melted snow
5/24/1902Grand ForksNDgirl5swallowed a marble
9/2/1902Oak ParkILFrank Kloester14drank muriatic acid as part of an experiment
9/26/1902ChathamVAClyde Burch2choked on a bean
9/29/1902MilwaukeeWIEsther Gerndt, 17-months1.5swallowed a screw eye
9/29/1902SusquehannaPAboy2choked on a piece of an apple
10/11/1902OaklandCALee Perreau16swallowed 6 nails as an experiment
10/13/1902SunolCADean Daves5ate a crayon
10/18/1902WashingtonDCJames Reed6choked on a chestnut
10/22/1902BronxNYHenry Schieser2choked on a bean
11/20/1902Upper SanduskyOHIrene Hall2choked on a piece of an apple
11/29/1902PaducahKYThomas Lindenfield, 15-months1.3choked on a peanut
12/6/1902MilwaukeeWIBernard Fuerman5swallowed a button
2/2/1903East CarondeletMOCarmen Dauphin3choked on a piece of pork
3/1/1903San FranciscoCAEleanor Van Frank, 22-months1.8choked on a piece of an apple
3/4/1903New YorkNYAnna Varizek2choked on a hazel nut
5/9/1903BrooklynNYFrank Andrews6ate salmon from can that had been opened a day earlier
7/14/1903Sioux CityIAChauncey Raybornchoked on a grain of oats
7/26/1903ReddingCAStella Moran4ate lots of green apples
7/31/1903VincennesINEdward Swabychoked on a kernal of corn
8/7/1903GreensburgINJohn Cockrell3choked on a bean
8/25/1903CrestonIAgirl7swallowed whole peas, which sprouted in her stomach
9/5/1903San FranciscoCALeo Woodbeck, 17-months1.4drank gasoline
9/17/1903Middletown SpringsVTHarold Parker9choked on a button
11/18/1903SherwoodTXJohnnie Puckett, 10-months0.8choked on a piece of a pecan
1/4/1904DenverCOWalter Dale14drank carbolic acid in Wheatridge School, because he was mad at his teacher
2/3/1904PortlandORgirl3drank oil of wintergreen
2/11/1904Rock IslandILSamuel Kohn, 6-months0.5choked on a piece of cake
3/16/1904SayvilleNYLouis Manthachoked on a chicken bone
4/16/1904OaklandCACarl Keely2swallowed lye
5/19/1904PhiladelphiaPAWilliam Black10swallowed the butt of the first cigarette he ever smoked
6/12/1904SyracuseNYAlexander Simonschoked on a button
7/17/1904New YorkNYLouis Ratner5swallowed a button
8/5/1904HuntingdonTNboyafter eating snake soup
8/24/1904WaynesboroPAgirl2choked on a bean
9/4/1904St. PaulMNLulu Anderson2swallowed a screw
9/30/1904Port JervisNYAdelaide Ellison10choked on a piece of meat
11/3/1904New YorkNYDorothy Kelly4choked on a white bean
1/3/1905New YorkNYCharles Healey6drank whiskey
2/6/1905LimerickPAHarry Frankenberg8choked on a piece of an apple
2/16/1905KiowaOKgirl3swallowed a toy cup
3/10/1905FostoriaMIBertha Sperry3drank oil of wintergreen
4/8/1905KewaneeILboy5swallowed a button
5/19/1905Bay CityMIDorothy Tough2choked on a bean
8/5/1905ElizabethNJHarold Fowler10swallowed a piece of a telephone mouthpiece
10/3/1905BuffaloNYGenevieve Seaver12ate match heads
10/26/1905GlobeNMJuan Acedo5drank whiskey
2/9/1906PierceNEboy3choked on popcorn
2/27/1906CoalvilleUTgirl2swallowed lye
3/6/1906Sioux FallsSDboy6choked on a kernal of corn
3/17/1906YanktonSDCurtis Nelson2choked on a piece of bread
4/5/1906IndianapolisINFrancis Wagner3choked on a bean
4/5/1906Fort WorthTXgirl2choked on a bean
12/5/1906GranvilleNYRalph Pomeroy6choked on a tack
12/31/1906WilliamsburgNYCharles Miller2choked on a nut
3/6/1907CleburneTXCora Cleveland4swallowed graphite
3/12/1907MurrayUTHelen Millerswallowed chewing gum
3/16/1907Newport NewsVALeonard Ives6after eating canned peaches
5/8/1907MontezumaIAOrrie McWilliamschoked on a gumdrop
5/30/1907ProvoUTJohn Swan7choked on a balloon
6/24/1907EastonPAAnnie Linge12swallowed a whistle
6/24/1907MaywoodILEleanor Faber2ate matches
8/13/1907OakdalePAThomas Connors13from eating green apples
9/1/1907WilliamsburgNYboychoked on a grape
10/19/1907OwensboroKYJesse Moore10swallowed a moth
11/1/1907ManchesterVTFred Coy, 18-months1.5ate match heads
12/15/1907WillistonNDDerwin Smith7drank a pint of whiskey
2/13/1908Kansas CityMORuth Miller4ate candy containing strychnine, which had been sent to her home from an anonymous person
2/16/1908PhiladelphiaPAWilliam Brown10choked on a button
3/14/1908AlamedaCAboyafter eating enchiladas from a street vendor
4/24/1908KittanningPA2 boysate poison roots
5/27/1908YorkPALucas Zeigler2choked on a rosebud
6/10/1908W. ReynoldsvillePAHenry Bowman2choked on a bean
7/14/1908West BerkeleyCAOtto Zeppernick14after he ate green peaches
8/8/1908PatersonNJEthel Murray7choked on a nickel
8/13/1908San FranciscoCAJames Harwood4drank whiskey
8/27/1908WillistonNDGeorgie Jones, 18-months1.5choked on a piece of cinnamon bark
9/18/1908HunterNDboy2ate 21 match heads
10/27/1908ClarksvilleTXHelen Donley3swallowed 5 buttons
12/2/1908FindlayOHLa Verne Powell, 18-months1.5swallowed a screw
12/16/1908PittsburgTXPaul Thompson4choked on a piece of an orange
12/24/1908DarlingtonPAChaimee Hull4choked on an orange
12/31/1908New YorkNYAlfonso Drawbone7drank a pint of wine
1/30/1909KalispellMTgirlchoked on a peanut shell
2/4/1909DallasTXJuanita Galloway2swallowed a nickel
2/28/1909New FairfieldCTLouis Lajer7drank whiskey
3/14/1909New YorkNYGeorge Anderson10choked on a button while performing a magic trick
3/23/1909SeattleWADelbert Van Dyke10swallowed a whistle
4/25/1909NicholsonMSPearl Fleming8from eating hair
4/30/1909AlpenaMIEdna Green9choked on a peanut
5/18/1909LincolnCAFreda Hopkins3drank water in which flypaper had been soaked
6/6/1909SunnysideCAAlexandra Robb2drank gasoline
6/22/1909St. LouisMOboy, 15-months1.3swallowed a screw
6/25/1909HarwoodPAAnnie Sabo3ate laurel leaves
8/6/1909New YorkNYJames Niccito9choked on a penny
8/25/1909PalmettoFLRobert Pollard, 18-months1.5ate match heads
10/2/1909ShamokinPAGeorge Bettzate poke weeds
10/21/1909Sabine ParishLALarry Collier III, 8-months0.7swallowed a penny
11/6/1909Newport NewsVAIda Fabris4choked on a tin whistle
12/7/1909New YorkNYLottie Menningerchoked on chewing gum
12/12/1909ColumbusOHJasper Wilson6choked on a grain of corn
1/31/1910LexingtonKYboyswallowed a wad of cotton
2/14/1910San FranciscoCALawrence Bacigalupi15ptomaine poisoning from oysters
4/1/1910AuburnCABarbara Bancroft5chewed up a thermometer and swallowed the glass
4/27/1910ScottsburgINLeverne Stark3choked on a kernal of corn
5/1/1910SpartanburgSCHerbert Horn3drank muriatic acid
5/6/1910Nevada CityCAGladys Peard5choked on a coffee bean
5/12/1910DenisonTXVarna Oldham1choked on peas
5/28/1910LoganUTPhyllis Harrison7ate ice cream from the bottom of a freezer
6/21/1910OrlandCAEarl Scribner2drank benzine
6/28/1910SeattleWAJeanette Campagni8ate wild dogwood berries
7/14/1910GalenaKYPatricia Lowdermilk, 17-months1.5ate dynamite caps
7/19/1910HaywardCAboy2ate green plums
8/31/1910HempsteadNYWilliam Carman5swallowed a penny
9/21/1910OwensboroKYGoldie Bolton9choked on a watermelon seed
11/26/1910BrooklynNYGertrude Goldstein10swallowed a turkey bone
12/3/1910NewberrySCMary Fulenwider2ate 20 match heads
12/12/1910New YorkNYAnna Tanengath14from eating several pounds of Christmas candy over a period of time while she was employed at a candy counter
1/27/1911BellinghamWANinetta Hurham2choked on a peanut
2/21/1911NorristownPAAlice McCord2swallowed a tack
3/24/1911CrescoIAJoseph Sweetchoked on a raw potato
4/21/1911PhiladelphiaPAHerman Reiss2swallowed a penny
4/29/1911IndianolaIAPauline Kimsey2swallowed a tack
5/17/1911GlenwoodIALouise James2choked on a bean
5/20/1911PhiladelphiaPAElizabeth Morrison2swallowed a nickel
5/20/1911SpokaneWAClarence Kelly2choked on a piece of bacon
6/17/1911Berry CreekCAEdgar Maylone3ate unripened cherries
7/4/1911St. PetersburgFLMargaret Rhea17after eating canned salmon
7/6/1911SpringfieldORboy3from eating strawberries
7/6/1911MilwaukeeWIJoseph Stigelbauer, 18-months1.5ate a firecracker
7/20/1911AshlandMOHallie Nichols2ate matches
8/1/1911OskaloosaIABernice Barcus3choked on a kernal of corn
8/29/1911PittsburghPAGriffin Taylordrank gasoline
9/6/1911Mt. MorrisNYGeorge Barnard3drank oil of wintergreen
9/6/1911New RochelleNYThomas Mulligan, 18-months1.5swallowed a nickel
9/18/1911NashuaNHMary Temple6ate a decayed banana
11/1/1911CooksburgPAboy, 14-months1.2choked on a chestnut
11/2/1911St. MarysPAHannah Pantelis2choked on candy
11/16/1911BillingsMTRosalie Wiedinger6swallowed an iron rivet
12/1/1911MarionOHHarold Snair5choked on a tack
12/7/1911MilwaukeeWIFrancis Muench, 15-months1.3choked on a match head
1/14/1912MiltonMARobert Lovering1choked on a bone
1/16/1912GreenvilleSCboy, 2-months0.2choked on a baby bottle nipple
7/6/1912AppletonWIAndrew Hoftmanate a fireworks torpedo
7/20/1912OdessaWAVictor Zimmerman1drank kerosene
8/20/1912SeattleWALeslie Rowe3ate match heads
8/29/1912SpringviewNEDorothy Tanner3choked on a laxative tablet
10/13/1912ReddingCAMay Bibbins2drank lye
11/23/1912New YorkNYCatharine Barry3drank a pint of whiskey
12/7/1912VirginiaMNJohn Kaches Jrchoked on chewing gum
12/27/1912San BernardinoCAMary Wagner, 18-months1.5choked on a bean
1/27/1913WoonsocketRIAlfred Pepin11swallowed a balloon
1/29/1913NewarkNJJohn Simpson2swallowed a safety pin
2/1/1913MagnoliaWVEugene House6swallowed a tin whistle from a box of Cracker Jack
2/27/1913CarlisleNDAllen Brusnehan9choked on a piece of licorice while at school
3/10/1913South OrangeNJLuther Quinn5ate several hailstones
3/27/1913MooresvilleNCgirl, 15-months1.3choked on a bean
4/3/1913CantonOHRoderick McKenzie14after eating a jar and a half of prepared mustard in one day
5/5/1913MilwaukeeWIBarbara Weiner3ate rat poison
6/5/1913BountifulUTEdward Day8choked on a rock
6/26/1913AtlantaGAMary Tribbled7ate a crayon
7/5/1913NewarkNJJoseph Spatola5drank whiskey
7/8/1913ChicagoILFrank Perry12ate acid from the center of a golf ball
7/18/1913RockawayNJAnnie Yonabeck, 3-months0.3choked on a cherry
7/31/1913WoodlandIAboy6choked on a piece of meat
8/27/1913KewaneeILEva Cooper3swallowed a nickel
8/28/1913BuskirkNYLoring Woodard7ate acid from the center of a golf ball
9/12/1913BerkeleyCAMary Silva, 22-months1.8drank ant poison
11/11/1913HillsboroNMboy3ate match heads
1/6/1914OgdenUTDavid Berlin3choked on a piece of potato
1/28/1914GannisterPACatherine Mowrich3choked on a peanut
2/16/1914Deuel CountySDRichard Jorgenson2drank silver polish
4/11/1914SwampscottMA2 boyschoked on marbles during a contest to see who could hold the most in his mouth
5/19/1914E. Las VegasNMFlorencio Maes8ate wild parsnips
7/27/1914ChicagoILRobert Cockman2choked on a bean
8/17/1914RinglingOKboy4choked on a piece of beef
10/28/1914SycamoreILLoretta Boettcher, 18-months1.5choked on a bean
12/15/1914Des MoinesIACharlotte Coon3swallowed a pin
2/10/1915Hensley TownshipILWalter Ehler4choked on a brass rivet
3/7/1915CornwallNYThomas Brown2choked on a piece of a carrot
4/15/1915St. LouisMOCorrine Shine9swallowed a watch
4/27/1915CumberlandMDLeo Seally, 18-months1.5choked on a peanut
8/14/1915PrescottAZElsie Belle2a watermelon seed lodged in her lung
8/29/1915Sioux FallsSDDelilah Wyant10choked on peas
12/2/1915FinleyNDOlga Havig12swallowed a chicken bone
4/26/1916IndianapolisIN2 brothersafter eating Easter eggs
6/24/1916Charter OakIAboy3choked on a corn kernal
7/5/1916New YorkNYJohn Wolunis5drank potash
7/9/1916GreenwichCTCharles Andria12swallowed acid from the center of a golf ball
7/15/1916SpokaneWARuth Webster2choked on a piece of tin from a toy
7/15/1916CarlislePAJesse Long2drank water in which flypaper had been soaked
7/29/1916ChicagoILAnthony Tell Jr, 18-months1.5choked on a stick of candy
8/2/1916NutleyNJMarie Vocatquero, 14-months1.2swallowed the acid from the center of a golf ball
10/26/1916DaytonOHJoseph Golda2choked on a stringbean
12/10/1916HarrisonburgVAPercy Sprinkel15food poisoning from spoiled canned goods he had in his room at August Military Academy
1/30/1917PittsburghPAJames Todd4swallowed lye
2/15/1917BerkeleyCAEugene Somers2drank rose pesticide
3/6/1917Union HillNYJohn Zima7after he ate a snowball
4/2/1917BrooklynNYGertrude Devensal8swallowed a balloon
8/9/1917NorwichCTNellie Campbell, 7-months0.6choked on her bottle nipple
8/31/1917LafayetteCOVincent Dominico3choked on a piece of candy
9/6/1917LondonKYHenry Barnett, 3-months0.3drank carbolic acid
10/8/1917PoughkeepsieNYCharles Ominski5swallowed a balloon
10/26/1917HudsonCOboy2ate poisonous berries
12/7/1917PittsburghPAPaul Abram6choked on a balloon
2/15/1918ChampaignILWilliam Fowler, 17-months1.4drank Lysol
4/20/1918OgdenUTLe Grande Ortonchoked on a bean
6/17/1918Dobbs FerryNYStanley Owen5drank oil of wintergreen
10/11/1918MillersburgPAboy2choked on peanuts
12/5/1918SanduskyMIboychoked on a bean
2/25/1919MilwaukeeWIHenry Zubowicz2choked on a peanut
3/6/1919PhiladelphiaPAArthur Nelson Jr12extreme gastritis from eating unusual combination of foods from his family's pantry
5/16/1919Iowa CityIARobert Hemsted5swallowed a staple
6/1/1919BaggsWYLevi Kendallate wild parsnips
6/14/1919St. LouisMOEdward Korbswallowed a balloon
6/21/1919PlainviewMNJoseph Friederichswallowed a bean
7/8/1919DuncannonPACarl Bechtel11choked on an apple
7/22/1919BrighamUTStewart Burt13after eating too many cherries
8/9/1919Las CrucesNMRoy Tilmant5swallowed a shoe button
8/20/1919EugeneORClyde Lewis8choked on a peanut
12/13/1919BellNMLois Roth2choked on a bean
1/8/1920St. JohnsburyVTRaymond Stinson3ate 20 laxative pills
1/10/1920New YorkNYBlosco Delsavero2drank scalding hot water
2/25/1920New YorkNYNunzia Butero12ate snow next to Bellevue Hospital that had morphine in it
3/11/1920LouisvilleKYStanley Ferry12swallowed a balloon
3/27/1920BrooklynNYPapsy Doysi5choked on a balloon
5/8/1920Oak RidgeOKBuford Inskeep9swallowed several sharp sticks
6/18/1920New YorkNYPeter Mandola8crushed by a piano
6/18/1920PhiladelphiaPASilvio Zaccharia5choked on a balloon
6/18/1920MantonMIEthel Roth2mistakenly put arsenic on her raw potato instead of salt
6/21/1920PittsburghPAAntoinette Gasbarre9choked on a balloon
7/15/1920Jefferson CityMOgirl, 18-months1.5swallowed a button
7/17/1920FairmontMNDwight Courtney4drank gasoline
7/22/1920Ann ArborMIDean Hodgetts5choked on a chunk of ice
7/28/1920WenatcheeWAJanet Purcell, 18-months1.5swallowed lye
8/9/1920SpokaneWAArthur Amundson4ate unripe fruit
9/5/1920Snow HillVASara Bonniville, 14-months1.2drank coal oil
10/7/1920Milwaukie, ORORLouis Page III11choked on a balloon
11/1/1920BrattleboroVTDonald Howe2choked on a peanut
11/20/1920ParksleyVAMinnie Stalling6choked on a piece of chalk
2/9/1921New YorkNYCharlotte Reinheimer3swallowed a pebble
4/23/1921ParisKYJ.W. Rankin Jrate glass
6/27/1921BaltimoreMDKenneth Thomas6ate deteriorated chocolate candy found in a dump
7/31/1921Niagara FallsNYRose Bevilacoua3choked on a piece of a pear
8/30/1921DenverCOGeorge Price2choked on a balloon
9/3/1921SeattleWARoy Dinges2choked on a fish bone
11/13/1921DormontPAJobe Bodych, 15-months1.3choked on a button
12/5/1921ProvidenceRIEarl O'Connell8choked on a balloon
1/29/1922KelloggIDJohn Perpich2drank oil of wintergreen
2/21/1922WeiserIDMadeline Hiatt4died of botulism from eating home-canned corn
6/12/1922SeattleWARebecca Nahmiaf4swallowed a nickel
6/23/1922SalinaKSWayne Landon3choked on a pea
6/27/1922WashingtonDCAustin Weaver2drank lye
7/7/1922BemidjiMNEdith Mangle2ate a fireworks torpedo
7/29/1922PittsburghPAHarold Rice16ate insecticide cake
9/6/1922New YorkNYGeorge Scopas10ate a package of "red devils" fireworks
9/15/1922New YorkNYWarren Healy, 3-months0.3choked on a pin
3/28/1923BaltimoreMDBernard Silverman3choked on a balloon
7/5/1923Benton HarborMITheo Castle, 20-months1.7ate a firecracker and died of phosphorus poisoning
7/27/1923Arkansas CityKSgirl11choked on a peanut
12/13/1923PatchogueNYJimmie Gallo4burned his throat when he drank out of a coffee pot
1/31/1924PassaicNJJulia Piga4drank whiskey
2/6/1924Fergus FallsMNClarence Klasse4drank scalding hot water from a tea kettle
4/11/1924WenatcheeWABaxter Humphrey2died of food poisoning from home-canned goods
8/16/1924ChicagoILboy2drank Lysol
10/3/1924WestfieldMARichard Parsons, 9-months0.8swallowed a screw
12/15/1924PhiladelphiaPAWilliam Andrews, 13-months1.1choked on candy
3/30/1925PalaciosTXEsisquiro Cruz1swallowed lye
7/7/1925GalvestonTXHenry Adriance2ate a firecracker
7/22/1925MilwaukeeWIJoseph Kaczkowski4ate unripe cherries
10/10/1925KenoshaWIWalter Ellis, 5-months0.4swallowed a safety pin
12/25/1925HoustonTXWalter Cusmin2drank 1/2 pint of whiskey
3/30/1926MiltonORDonald Lee, 18-months1.5ate poisoned potatoes to be used to exterminate gophers
5/3/1926OakmontPAKost Gilnas5drank disinfectant
7/8/1926PhiladelphiaPAVirginia Donley, 22-months1.8swallowed a jack from a ball and jacks game
8/13/1926MadisonINRuth Wolf2drank lye water
11/16/1926MilwaukeeWIAnton Stelby3choked on a peanut
12/1/1926DenisonIAMarie McClellan, 11-months0.9choked on a peanut
4/6/1927New YorkNYBetsy Rothman6choked on a piece of bread
5/18/1927New YorkNYEdward Greco, 7-months0.6swallowed a bell from his rattle
6/20/1927SpringfieldIL4 childrenfood poisoning from cream puffs
6/27/1927MilwaukeeWIEdward Blasiak4choked on a cherry
7/9/1927LouisvilleKYClarence Bennett, 17-months1.4ate a firecracker and died of phosphorus poisoning
9/29/1927ChicagoILRuth Koehr6swallowed a toy battleship from a box of Cracker Jack
10/4/1927SpartanburgSCDeward Worley Jr3choked on a peanut
1/30/1928PittsburghPADaniel Davis2swallowed lye
5/17/1928TekoaWARichard Young2ate poisonous mushrooms
12/4/1928Beaver FallsPAThomas Roserate soap powder
12/8/1928MilwaukeeWIArvin Wellnitz, 16-months1.3choked on a peanut
2/26/1929ChicagoILClara Kelly1choked on a cinder that fell from the stove
3/14/1929AndersonINDonna Closser, 17-months1.4an orange seed lodged in her bronchial tube
4/9/1929EriePAJohn Reed2ate rat poison
11/6/1929HarrisburgPAAlbert Weiser Jr, 23-months1.9drank disinfectant
12/13/1929ChicagoILJimmy Rogers4drank moonshine
4/17/1930PlacervilleCAFrieda Wurschell13ate homemade salami, from which she developed trichinosis
6/22/1930MilwaukeeWIAntonio Gomez5drank moonshine
10/18/1930BeaverUTPeggy Barton4drank kerosene
11/24/1930HanoverPAMark Warner10choked on a piece of meat/he had been unable to eat solid food for several years after swallowing lye
4/15/1931St. PaulMNMelvin Mikesh Jr, 17-months1.4drank lye water
8/29/1931HeidlersburgPAJordan Bowers Jr4died of food poisoning after eating at a church picnic
9/3/1931St. PaulMNWilliam Burbank9ate decayed fruit from the dump
10/10/1931DeweyILDelia Shields2choked on paraffin wax
12/21/1931E. PalestineOHEugene Woods2choked on popcorn
2/9/1932PittsburghPALorraine Lenz, 6-months0.5choked on a baby bottle nipple
2/11/1932Grand RapidsMIDonna Little6drank fly-killing mixture
4/17/1932PittsburghPAJohn Best, 14-months1.3choked on an apple
5/17/1932PawtucketRIboy, 2-months0.2choked on a baby bottle nipple
7/1/1932OaklandCANarcisso Sandoval4ate garbage
8/6/1932HamdenCTRussell Connors7swallowed a golf tee
10/4/1932MissoulaMTElwood Harvey8drank moonshine
10/20/1932LancasterPADoris Carson, 19-months1.6drank solder acid
2/20/1933MinneapolisMNBruce Johnson5choked on a peanut
3/18/1933Forrest CityPAWilliam Burns2ate several pieces of coal
4/11/1933MiamiFLJosephine Blakeney3ate rat poison
4/24/1933New YorkNY2 brothersate canned corned beef that sat overnight, opened, in an iceless refrigerator
4/29/1933PittsburghPAJohn Taylor, 6-months0.5choked on a baby bottle nipple
8/11/1933NewarkNJArmand de Fabritte4drank whiskey
8/15/1933SpokaneWAJay Cressey, 18-months1.5drank oil of wintergreen
8/17/1933Homestead ParkPAFovie Hartime12ate poke berries
9/9/1933St. CharlesILBarbara Nippert2swallowed an earring
2/15/1934DormontPARegis Hughes8choked on a lollipop when he fell on some ice
3/1/1934BakerOR2 boysdied of botulism from eating home-canned spinach
3/25/1934Coconut GroveFLRaymond DuBois3drank moonshine
4/9/1934ChicagoILJarus Graham4choked on sand
5/5/1934SeattleWAAngeline D'Ambrose4ate hemlock
7/4/1934BangorMETheresa Smith, 18-months1.5swallowed lye
7/11/1934Westmoreland CoPALillian Williams, 5-months0.4swallowed a safety pin
8/23/1934Hales CornersWIMary Dahlman1swallowed lye
9/11/1934LawrenceburgTNEric Gowen12ate insecticide powder
9/22/1934DetroitMIRichard McRae, 16-months1.3ate insecticide powder
10/20/1934BraddockPAWallace Sledge1swallowed lye
10/30/1934Turtle CreekPABruce Ennott, 19-months1.6drank disinfectant
12/7/1934SpokaneWAMorlene Wendlandt, 18-months1.5choked on a bolt
1/13/1935MorrisILHenry Long12food poisoning from canned beef
3/11/1935OmahaNESam Colabello3drank several ounces of whiskey
4/24/1935BirminghamALFannie Pollock4swallowed a balloon
5/1/1935BrooklynNYRonald Giordano, 10-months0.8swallowed a rubber ball
5/31/1935Pine RiverMN5 children of J.D. Young familyate poisonous mushrooms
6/28/1935North BraddockPAMarlene Galbraith2drank naptha gasoline
8/1/1935WinslowMEbrother & sisterate poison berries
9/3/1935LynnMA2 sistersate unripe apples & pears
10/13/1935LenapePAGlenn Griffith, 9-months0.8swallowed a safety pin
11/19/1935NewarkNJMilton Richter8swallowed a tin whistle
12/23/1935New BrightonPAElanore Anderson7swallowed a balloon
12/26/1935WashingtonDCThomas Norton Jr3choked on a nut
3/31/1936OnawaIARuth Hathaway18drank poison in the high school locker room
5/11/1936MenashaWIDickie Clark5swallowed a balloon
7/6/1936CambridgeMAMary Sugrue11swallowed a quarter
7/22/1936ChelanWARonald Burns2swallowed lye
9/19/1936Walnut GroveSCCarrol Hyatt, 11-months0.9choked on a bean
11/3/1936Stevens PointWILeonard Kitowski2ate 15 laxative pills
2/21/1937OrangeNJDouglas Youngs, 18-months1.5choked on a piece of a carrot
3/23/1937Bay CityMIWendell Hartz7a peanut lodged in his lung
4/19/1937WashingtonPABobby Fowler2swallowed lye one year earlier
4/27/1937HollisterCAboychoked on milk
7/20/1937DavenportWAJames Hutton2drank Lysol
10/15/1937EriePACornelius Hammond2drank soldering solution
10/26/1937PhiladelphiaPAThomas Downes3drank moonshine
12/3/1937MalakoffTXgirlswallowed lye
1/22/1938W. New BrightonNYTheresa Lindley2choked on a piece of an orange
2/18/1938LeavenworthWATommy Shephard2drank oil of wintergreen
2/28/1938Sinking SpringPAGalen Irwin3choked on a raw potato
3/3/1938ChesterPAgirl, 14-months1.2drank kerosene
3/8/1938Beaver DamWIRonald Gruetzmacher2drank oil of wintergreen
3/28/1938SunnyslopeWAbrother & sisterbotulism from home-canned greens
3/29/1938LudlowMARaymond Warren12chewed poison ivy
5/20/1938BradentonFLBing Crawford, 17-months1.4drank potash water
7/2/1938San JoseCAMichael Sorci, 21-months1.8drank oil of wintergreen
7/10/1938UniontownPAJune Davis3choked on an apple
7/27/1938FitchburgMAJohn Profit Jr, 18-months1.5swallowed a safety pin
9/19/1938New YorkNYPatrick Lyons2drank wine that his father was going to give as a gift
7/18/1939ManchesterCTJohn Muldoon Jr1ate ant poison
7/27/1939Presque IsleMEElaine Perkins3drank milk that she had mixed with poison
12/4/1939Olive HillKYThomas Swope, 5-months0.4choked on 2 grapes
2/8/1940DefianceOHGordon Houck, 16-months1.3drank acid
3/24/1940Jersey CityNJDorothy Ruchalski, 18-months1.5choked on a piece of a marshmallow
4/24/1940Green BayWIClayton Gray2licked a stick of strychnine
5/7/1940ToledoOHAlice Johns, 14-months1.2swallowed kerosene
5/19/1940PepinWIVernon Steverson Jr2swallowed a roofing nail
8/19/1940OwossoMIWilliam Wrigglesworth Jr1swallowed gasoline
9/19/1940ToledoOHGlenn Brown Jr2swallowed a screw
11/26/1940New YorkNYJackie Waters2drank paint
7/6/1941ChicagoILgirl4bit into a fireworks torpedo, thinking it was candy
7/19/1941DurandWIMary Brantner, 10-months0.8choked on an unpopped popcorn kernal
8/3/1941ArcadiaCAAnthony Ryan6steel sliver from axe flies into his mouth, severing arteries
9/6/1941MilwaukeeWIHoward Stark9choked on chewing gum
2/1/1942MilwaukeeWIHumphrey Napierala Jr4choked on a peanut
2/16/1942CentervilleALJessie Riley2swallowed a walnut shell
3/3/1942FlorenceALJimmy Austin, 10-months0.8choked on a peanut
8/9/1942TuscaloosaALBrenda Newman, 21-months1.8swallowed a bobby pin
8/26/1942ManchesterNHPaul Bakally3died of food poisoning after eating lamb at a picnic
11/2/1942MinneapolisMNJames Shumaker3choked on a piece of an apple
8/12/1943WinthropMNDonald Hirsch, 14-months1.2swallowed a screw
1/1/1944San MateoCAVivian Cruz3swallowed a penny
1/13/1944AtlantaGADorris Patterson2swallowed a staple
1/17/1944ToledoOHGerald Hatt4fell from piano bench and got a 6-inch metal rod lodged in his throat
3/7/1944Pine IslandMNDixie Taylor, 20-months1.7drank oil of wintergreen
4/7/1944WestwoodPAJames White2drank whiskey
5/17/1944AltoonaPAMerle Brunnett2choked on a penny
9/4/1944Los AngelesCARudolfo Fierro6drank more than a pint of whiskey
10/16/1944EriePA4 Wolfe brothersfood poisoning from home-cooked spaghetti
11/1/1944Los AngelesCADennis Cormier5choked on a Halloween whistle
1/20/1945MilwaukeeWIJerry Rollins, 23-months1.9drank oil of wintergreen
2/4/1945MilwaukeeWIAndrea Nefstead, 14-months1.2drank fuel oil
7/16/1945PhiladelphiaPAAnthony Petrongolo, 17-months1.4drank lighter fluid
10/13/1945Double SpringsALFletcher Sellers6drank moonshine
11/19/1945LewistonMEHenri Gauthier2drank oil of wintergreen
12/28/1945LandenbergPAEdward Reeves1choked on a walnut
8/28/1946West ViewPAHarold Wheeler3drank oil of wintergreen
10/26/1946SpringfieldORJoyce Fisher3ate rat poison
3/31/1947MilwaukeeWICarol Jaszewski, 22drank oil of wintergreen
6/6/1947PortsmouthOHViolaena Glynn3choked on candy
10/13/1947Mechanic FallsMERoxie Richardson1choked on a bean
10/27/1947SchenectadyNYRachel Abbott, 9-months0.8swallowed kerosene
12/5/1947Arkansas CityKSRonald Derington, 7-months0.6swallowed a balloon
12/24/1947ChambersburgPASusan Piper, 16-months1.3swallowed liniment
1/10/1948MemphisTNBobby Phillips, 10-months0.8choked on a bean
1/15/1948Mt. PennPAPatricia Fies5choked on a piece of carrot
1/28/1948PittsburghPACarol Martino2drank oil of wintergreen
2/23/1948St. PetersburgFLShirley Williams1swallowed lye
3/21/1948PhiladelphiaPAWilliam Watson Jr2ate several "snakes" fireworks
4/27/1948Mount HollyNJMarjorie Gramma2drank oil of wintergreen
4/27/1948RacineWIDiane Derks, 20-months1.7drank cleaning fluid
11/13/1948PittsburghPAgirl, 20-months1.7drank oil of wintergreen
12/7/1948New YorkNYGladys Cruz, 2-months0.2choked on a baby bottle nipple
12/10/1948Coral GablesFLRobert Achor2choked on chewing gum
1/10/1949PittsburghPAFrederick DeFilippo, 18-months1.5choked on an olive
2/5/1949ChicagoILBilly Kissane, 5-months0.4choked on a homemade pacifier
2/22/1949OmahaNELouis Gewinner Jr, 14-months1.2choked on an aspirin
4/3/1949MilwaukeeWIPaul Jacobsen2drank oil of wintergreen
5/1/1949QueensNYGeorge Baizda2swallowed an empty .22 shell
7/18/1949Grand HavenMIAllen Timmerman3drank oil of wintergreen
8/18/1949HyattsvilleMDClaudette Garver4ate paint off of furniture
11/19/1949BloomfieldMOBobby Wilson13drank poison, thinking it was cough syrup
12/19/1949EverettMAWilliam Prenney3drank oil of wintergreen
12/19/1949InwoodNYStephen Dole Jr4choked on an aspirin
1/6/1950RochesterMNRoy Perley4choked on a peanut
5/24/1950New LondonCTClifton Evans3choked on a screw
6/20/1950New RochelleNYJack Abramson, 14-months1.2choked on a balloon
9/2/1950MiddletownOHJames Doolittle3swallowed a balloon
9/20/1950IndianapolisINNancy Patterson1choked on a bean
9/30/1950LevittownNYLawrence Nash4choked on a balloon
10/23/1950MilwaukeeWIThornton Parrott Jr, 17-months1.4drank cleaning fluid
10/24/1950WaterlooALBilly Brown4drank a quart jar of whiskey
11/30/1950MilwaukeeWISusan Juehnke3drank oil of wintergreen
12/29/1950DaytonOHAubrey Vannoy Jr2choked on a grape
4/26/1951St. LouisMOBarbara Jerden4choked on a lollipop
6/28/1951Moses LakeWADavid Grey16died of botulism from eating home-canned asparagus
7/13/1951SunlandCAJackie Wright2choked on a peanut
9/24/1951DallasTXLeslie Fletcher1drank 1/2 bottle of beer
9/24/1951YakimaWALadonna Niccum, 9-months0.8ate parathion
10/12/1951PhiladelphiaPADelmore Nilson5choked on a vitamin
10/17/1951Grand RapidsMNBetty Garner3choked on a peanut
12/1/1951ChelseaMARichard Saltz4choked on a marshmallow
1/14/1952Mt. WashingtonPACarol Alsing5choked on chopped nuts
2/5/1952St. PaulMNMelvin Goss Jr, 13-months1.1choked on a piece of bacon
3/2/1952ClairtonPACarol McIlvried3choked on a caramel
8/11/1952OglesbyILGary Falessi, 15-months1.3choked on a bean
10/11/1952SeattleWAAnita Freeman3choked on a vitamin
10/21/1952SacramentoCAJulia Jordan10choked on chewing gum
12/20/1952HomewoodPADonald Manke2ate poisoned candy which was intended to kill rats
1/10/1953BrooklynNYGeorge Cincotta, 10-months0.8choked on a piece of an apple
3/9/1953New YorkNYAntonio Lugo2choked on an olive
3/14/1953MurrayUTDennis Bird2drank oil of wintergreen
3/29/1953TuscaloosaALFrank Cooper, 2-months0.2choked on milk
4/25/1953San AntonioTXRamiro Canales3ate several hailstones
6/11/1953CrookstonMNDuane King, 15-months1.3choked on a piece of cake
6/27/1953Rapid CitySDJack Williams8swallowed gasoline while trying to siphon
7/13/1953LawrencevillePADebora O'Brien2choked on an aspirin
9/1/1953RoxburyMAHenry Hall4choked on a hot dog
9/15/1953AlbanyNYDaniel Relihan Jr, 16-months1.3choked on a stick of chalk
11/6/1953PrescottAZHarold Ward6swallowed chewing gum
12/11/1953St. PetersburgFLStephen Evans2choked on a baby bottle nipple
5/7/1954SuperiorAZJimmy Gallegos2drank oil of wintergreen
9/1/1954CarnegiePADeborah Riggi, 18-months1.5drank gasoline
10/30/1954MilwaukeeWIDarold Gust Jr, 22-months1.8choked on a piece of biscuit
12/23/1954ChicagoILboy, 19-months1.6choked on a lollipop
2/21/1955LewisvilleMNMury Druck, 19-months1.6drank oil of wintergreen
3/6/1955PortlandORMichael Blenkinsop, 9-months0.8swallowed a balloon
6/17/1955NashvilleTNJoseph Fredebeil, 6-months0.5swallowed a toy telephone
8/15/1955Fort WorthTXCharles Gross2choked on a peanut
12/10/1955StuartFL2 sisters & 1 brotherdrank parathion
12/14/1955Berrien CenterMICurtis Godfrey, 18-months1.5swallowed a safety pin
12/23/1955MolineILStephen Noel, 18-months1.5choked on candy
1/17/1956MadisonSDBruce Bjorklund6choked on a piece of meat
1/26/1956Oak RidgeMNMary Kreidermacher6swallowed the cap from a toy lipstick
2/7/1956MilwaukeeWIPauk Gulczynski3swallowed a tack
2/26/1956East LibertyPAEdward Nydes1choked on an aspirin
3/4/1956LemontILJerome Gryzbowskidrank a fifth of whiskey
3/26/1956JacksonMIbrother & sisterate rat poison
8/2/1956EphrataPARickie Krebs1drank kerosene
9/4/1956MaysvilleKYTara Toncary, 10-months0.8swallowed a crayon
9/27/1956AustinMNBradley Moyer1drank cleaning fluid
10/17/1956MaybelleCOGwendolyn Thaine8botulism poisoning from home-canned beet greens
10/22/1956ManitowocWIJoan Uecker, 20-months1.7drank furniture polish
11/27/1956EdwardsvilleILTheresa McConnell2choked on a piece of walnut
12/22/1956DenverCODebbie Newton7swallowed a balloon
12/27/1956Los AngelesCARichard Titus Jr2choked on a peanut
12/27/1956West AllisWIWesley Werner2swallowed a balloon
2/3/1957ChicagoILHenry Wentzel8choked on a marshmallow
2/15/1957StocktonCAAnne Gaetke2choked on walnut pieces
3/4/1957South ToledoOHSusan Eschenburg5swallowed a balloon
3/7/1957SarasotaFLAngelo Kimble4drank parathion
4/18/1957OlympiaWADaniel Parks, 20-months1.7drank oil of wintergreen
5/6/1957MilwaukeeWIAngel Rivera5swallowed a balloon
5/23/1957TallahasseeFLMichael Clark6choked on an acorn
7/28/1957New HavenCTLawrence Darden2drank 3 glasses of wine his father gave him as a joke
8/7/1957PottsvillePAboy3choked on a hot dog
8/12/1957ChicagoILDebra Kenny, 13-months1.1ate insecticide
10/15/1957TucsonAZRoger Thomas Jr3choked on a grape
10/17/1957JacksonvilleFLDave Fulford, 10-months0.8ate black pepper
11/29/1957SeattleWADeborah Rohrbaugh, 14-months1.2choked on a nut
1/4/1958BogotaNJValerie Viola7swallowed a balloon
1/5/1958Wappingers FallsNYRalph Ireland2choked on a balloon
1/7/1958ProvoUTSteven Simons3drank oil of wintergreen
3/18/1958SpartanburgSCLinda Shelton, 20-months1.7choked on a peanut
4/23/1958MoultonALJerry Ligon, 17-months1.4choked on a balloon
4/29/1958BaltimoreMDDietrich Gilmore2ate lead paint
5/13/1958Fort PierceFLPhilip Rogers, 10-weeks0.2choked on his pacifier
6/14/1958DarlingtonSCMitchell Andrews2drank oil of wintergreen
6/18/1958SacramentoCAMarchone Crook1drank turpentine
8/7/1958EdonOHAnnette Osborn3choked on a piece of toast
8/9/1958New LondonWIRaymond Fabisiak4swallowed a balloon
8/13/1958BerkeleyCALisa Lundgren3choked on a plastic bottle cap
8/27/1958Fond du LacWIRichard Gilbertson, 16-months1.3swallowed a peanut
10/1/1958BethelCTBarbara Christopher4swallowed tooth paste
10/7/1958Salt Lake CityUTJanet Green4choked on an empty 22-caliber bullet casing
10/10/1958WorcesterMAFrancis McNamara7swallowed a crayon on the school bus
12/16/1958West NewburyMACarol Curry17drank anti-freeze
3/20/1959Haddon HeightsNJDale Kleinschmidt3died of food poisoning after eating a fish dinner
4/19/1959Florida CityFLJoseph Thomas, 22-months1.8ate parathion insecticide
5/3/1959YakimaWAKathryn Masterman2drank bathroom cleaner
5/11/1959HaverhillMARonald Forbes2choked on a peanut
5/12/1959MontgomeryALJeffery Levey, 23-months1.9choked on popcorn
7/4/1959WashingtonDCMarty Reese, 22-months1.8ate paint chips
7/31/1959Idaho FallsIDWanda Nelson14botulism poisoning from home-canned beets
8/12/1959MiamiFLRondell Reaves, 21-months1.8ate parathion
8/16/1959St. PetersburgFLVincent Andrews2ate roach paste
8/19/1959BellmawrNJLarry Weisenbach2choked on ping pong ball
9/9/1959DixfieldMERobert Heath, 8-months0.7choked on a piece of cotton
10/6/1959BloomvilleOHDavid Biller1swallowed metal clip
11/2/1959New GalileePADale Brown3choked on a vitamin
11/27/1959San DiegoCAKathleen Neely6choked on a rock
11/30/1959SalemORRandy Thomas, 7-months0.6choked on a rattle
12/14/1959HanoverPAKeith Helmer, 6-weeks0.1choked on milk
1/23/1960Salt Lake CityUTCalvan Brunson1choked on a piece of raw potato
1/26/1960PhoenixAZPatrick Generalli4choked on rubber ball
2/22/1960FraminghamMARobert Clarke Jr2choked on peanuts
4/11/1960MonroeMIWayne Schudel6swallowed the cork off a squirt gun
4/21/1960RedmondORRebecca McNeal, 14-months1.2choked on a marble
8/6/1960RawlinsWYMarvin Mosely2choked on a grape
8/15/1960PasadenaCALorelle Kay, 21-months1.8drank weed killer at a plant nursery
8/22/1960OgdenUTMary Saiz3swallowed a balloon
11/2/1960MiamiFLCharlie Bowie2ate roach paste
3/14/1961CanonsburgPANorma Kirby4ate hemlock leaves
3/18/1961BrooksvilleFLbrother & sisterate paint
5/5/1961WausauWIRandall Valenta2drank oil of wintergreen
6/13/1961ElizabethNJGlenda Carer11choked on juice bottle cap
7/14/1961YakimaWALinda Andring, 6-months0.5choked on a balloon
7/14/1961Kansas CityKSRocky Knapp, 4-months0.3choked on milk
8/18/1961ErieMIStephen Beutler, 11-months0.9swallowed a screw
12/6/1961MiamiFLLarry Zanders2choked on chewing gum
1/26/1962MonroeNYMargaret Aplan, 19-months1.6ate mothballs
3/16/1962MiamiFLDeborah Cartwright4choked on a marble
9/15/1962Des MoinesIAMark Dacken3swallowed a balloon
9/22/1962BaltimoreMDKevin Madden2swallowed a gumball
11/3/1962PortlandORCorry Barnes2drank gasoline
11/3/1962TecumsahMICathy Hurst, 17-months1.4drank fuel oil
1/19/1963PhiladelphiaPARoland Driver6ate poisonous ground cherries
1/25/1963OgdenIADennis Townsend, 15-months1.3choked on a marshmallow
2/5/1963El CentroCAJose Bresino, 21-months1.8choked on a peanut
3/25/1963RichmondVACheryl Hoke3drank kerosene
3/28/1963San FranciscoCAFrank Telumchuk2ate a cigar
5/3/1963GrantonWIGary Ludwig2poured hair tonic into a bottle of aspirin and drank it
5/13/1963TiffinOHDavid Hughes, 20-months1.7drank gasoline
8/6/1963VinelandNJPaul Schwabe1swallowed a marble
10/1/1963Ann ArborMIJohn Bernardo, 15-months1.3swallowed mercuric iodide
11/9/1963WeirKSDonald Hubbard, 15-months1.3choked on candy
12/16/1963OrelandPAPatrick McBride, 14-months1.2swallowed a metal whistle from a toy Santa Claus
1/15/1964MilwaukeeWITerrie Ingram, 7-months0.6choked on a piece of ham
2/11/1964NevadaMOTina Volkman, 6-months0.5choked on milk
3/5/1964ChicagoILSteven Keeshin, 4-months0.3choked on a pretzel
6/12/1964GreenvilleSCStanley Anderson7drank gasoline stored in a pop bottle
7/20/1964StroudsburgPACurtis Wedkheise8drank gasoline
9/30/1964MiamiFLAlexander Walker3ate fried chicken that had fallen on the floor into some parathion
11/8/1964Klamath FallsORRayomd Spence2choked on a piece of meat
11/29/1964ReddickFLPhyllis Burch, 22-months1.8ate dirt that had been sprayed with parathion
1/2/1965WashingtonDCKenneth Herndonchoked on a hot dog
1/18/1965West BendWIMark Meyer, 18-months1.5choked on a peanut
4/15/1965ToledoOHClovis Patterson, 8-months0.7choked on a toy plastic orange
4/19/1965PittsburghPAAndrew Woffard, 5-months0.4choked on milk
9/8/1965ChicagoILMaurice Hill2ate paint chips
12/15/1965ChicagoILBarbara Bialas5choked on a hot dog
1/8/1966ZuberFLWinston McIntosh7died of botulism from eating a mudfish with a toxic organism
2/8/1966ToledoOHGloria Cooper, 3-months0.3choked on milk
4/11/1966Union GroveNCTeresa Mahaffey2choked on a hard-boiled Easter egg
5/5/1966Fall RiverMASusan Clement1choked on a plastic doll shoe
7/12/1966BaltimoreMDgirl2ate paint chips
12/22/1966New BrightonMNBruce Smith6choked on a piece of Christmas candy
1/21/1967MonroevillePABetsy Brown2choked on a piece of lunch meat
3/24/1967SewickleyPASusan Laing2choked on an aspirin
5/19/1967HomewoodPAJoyce Key, 17-months1.4swallowed a balloon
7/2/1967ChattanoogaTNAngela Ford, 5-months0.4choked on chewing gum
10/16/1967Menomonee FallsWIBrian Schlei3choked on a hot dog
12/19/1967PalatkaFLJames Campbell Jr, 15-months1.3drank kerosene
3/26/1968MiamiFLDarren Lawton, 16-months1.3ate parathion
6/12/1968Fort LauderdaleFLSonya Roverson, 9-months0.8ate some bread that had been treated with parathion to kill roaches
6/26/1968Stickney TownshipILStanley Harper13choked on a hot dog
10/24/1968HemlockMIKarla Boyd6swallowed a balloon
10/28/1968RichmondVANancy Kiepper5choked on an aspirin
2/12/1969CoraopolisPADonald Summers15drank anti-freeze that he mistook for wine
4/4/1969ChicagoILFrank Novak13drank roach poison
4/28/1969BlackfoortIDPerry Walters7ate water hemlock root
5/28/1969NewarkNJDawn Wilson2ate paint chips
6/28/1969ApolloPATina Hubert3drank gasoline stored in a pop bottle
7/20/1969ChicagoILAngeline Alcala, 17-months1.4ate roach poison
8/18/1969JohnstownPAFrederick Suppes, 14-months1.2drank weed killer
12/31/1969Kansas CityMORita Crawley, 9-months0.8choked on a plastic rattle
2/19/1970EriePAAnthony Robinson, 13-months1.1drank kerosene
4/27/1970ChicagoILValerie Newsome2choked on a balloon
6/14/1970DodgevilleWIPatrick Reynolds8choked on a balloon
7/14/1970OcalaFLboy, 17-months1.4drank lighter fluid
8/28/1970Stone LakeWIDarlen Cross9choked on a lemon squeeze bottle
11/6/1970DetroitMIKevin Toston5ate Halloween candy laced with heroin
12/1/1970St. PetersburgFLGeorge Evans4died after eating a Thanksgiving meal that sat in an oven for 3 days
12/28/1970PhiladelphiaPADennis Weaver13drank 10 ounces of scotch and 5 ounces of wine
7/3/1971MilwaukeeWITiffany Weathers1choked on a stone
8/15/1971PutnamCTgirl, 15-months1.3swallowed detergent
12/7/1971Country Club HillsILChristopher Lee2choked on peanuts
3/31/1972BrocktonMADenise Hall11swallowed a plastic pen cap at Hancock Elementary School
4/12/1972AtascaderoCADanny De Journette4ate hemlock weed
5/19/1972MilwaukeeWIJohn D'Amico2choked on a chewable vitamin
8/1/1972NashuaNHRaymond LeBlanc Jr10mushroom poisoning
8/17/1972EdneyvilleNCWilliam McEntire, 17-months1.4ate parathion
8/18/1972New YorkNYJohn McGowan16after drinking apple cider that had been passed around in a jug at a Central Park concert
9/4/1972MilwaukeeWIJulie Caldwell, 4-months0.3choked on a tissue
9/15/1972MilwaukeeWITristen Lowe, 13-months1.1choked on a vitamin
12/8/1972Cottage GroveWIPatrick Ziegler7choked on milk in school lunchroom
6/15/1973LodiCAEduardo Cazares3ate some poisonous weeds
7/28/1973DriggsIDSteve Moss, 15-months1.3drank gasoline stored in a pop bottle
8/4/1973StocktonCATroy Mack, 8-months0.7swallowed a miniature billiard ball
2/23/1974Penn HillsPAGeorge Mumns14swallowed gasoline while siphoning fuel in his basement
6/21/1974PottsboroTXKenny Jorgenson13swallowed gasoline when he tried to siphon for a lawnmower
11/4/1974PasadenaTXTimothy O'Bryan8poisoned pixy stix Halloween candy
2/1/1975PlymouthUTScott Nish2swallowed mercury bichloride
9/24/1975FresnoCAJose Mosqueda Jr2choked on a grape
12/19/1975CumberlandRIPamela Souliere7swallowed a balloon
3/23/1976DurantOK3 childrenate cookies that had been sprinkled with rat poison by an exterminator
7/27/1976CovertMIAndrew DeLany4swallowed a balloon
12/23/1976WarrenOHWayne Johnson18choked on a piece of chewing gum during a basketball game at Warren Harding High School
5/16/1977BryanOHThomas Baerlin5drank windshield washer fluid
8/28/1977ClevelandOHRobert Arnold6overdosed on table salt
9/6/1977Middleburg HeightsOHMichelle Tommasini11mushroom poisoning
9/16/1977PittsburghPARegis Artman Jr9ate English bittersweet berries
9/25/1977Delray BeachFLTammy Olive13choked on chewing gum
9/26/1977KaysvilleUTSteven Warnick16swallowed gasoline while trying to clear a clogged motorcycle fuel line
1/20/1978Menomonee FallsWIDonald Scholz Jr8choked on a piece of pork chop
1/31/1978MiamiFLMario Gautier3died of food poisoning from eating stewed pork
4/7/1978LargoFLJamie Houchins, 20-months1.7swallowed gasoline
8/1/1978GreensburgPAShawn Snyder2swallowed a balloon
9/6/1978ToledoOHJesusa Garza5swallowed lye two years earlier
9/27/1978KennewickWAJerry Knope7choked on plastic map pin at Westgate Elementary School
11/18/1978WoodbridgeNJDennis Fitzpatrick9choked on a rubber rivet from Riviton toy
11/29/1978MullensvilleFLMelinda Soria, 7-months0.6choked on a hot dog
12/31/1978LilburnGAboy4shot a Battlestar Galactica toy missile into his throat
2/11/1979WashingtonDCOlando Binion Jr, 15-months1.3swallowed detergent
1/25/1980Old LymeCTMichael Thompson17choked on meat
4/2/1980BradentonFLMark Stevens7choked on chewing gum
7/9/1980MilwaukeeWIHelmon Johnson Jr6choked on a balloon
12/24/1980PahokeeFLRicky Norwood Jr, 7-months0.6swallowed a piece of a balloon
7/4/1981Oakland ParkFLJohn Seltzman15choked on a french fry
11/18/1981MilwaukeeWIRosenell Hicks, 14-months1.2drank wine from her baby bottle
11/27/1981SpartanburgSCDonna Epps2drank parathion
12/24/1981SpokaneWADebra Amann16mushroom poisoning
3/24/1982MilwaukeeWIGail Feil, 13-months1.1choked on a button
10/21/1983KittanningPALawrence Kornman, 4-months0.3choked on a plastic doll piece
11/6/1983ToledoOHJennifer Williams9swallowed a toy soldier
12/10/1983MimsFLMargaret Berry5swallowed a balloon
5/16/1984MontvilleCTEric Phillips, 10-months0.8choked on a pretzel
10/12/1984WaldronMIAdam Newton, 17-months1.4choked on a piece of an apple
1/4/1985Winston-SalemNCSabrina Carter17choked on pistachio nuts
2/20/1985BlackwellOKSteven Hadsell10swallowed pencil eraser
3/3/1985LancasterPAJulia Hirneisen5took sodium nitrite pills as part of an experiment on food preservatives
11/14/1986StocktonCATiffany Leibner, 20-months1.7swallowed a balloon
1/8/1987Ann ArborMIJennifer Rice17drank antifreeze
5/1/1987NewburghNYLewis Turbeville6swallowed a crayon
6/19/1987WarwickRIBrian Johnson3choked on grapes
6/7/1988AlexandriaVANicholas Jorgenson, 8-months0.7choked on a marshmallow
8/2/1988ChicagoILSamuel Linares, 16-months1.3swallowed a piece of a balloon
9/2/1988RyeNYgirl8choked on chewing gum while riding a rollercoaster at Playland Amusement Park
10/21/1988San FranciscoCALucero Murillo, 16-months1.3swallowed a screw
3/18/1989HomewoodPARonald Roberson9swallowed a balloon
8/14/1989SeattleWANathaniel Nelson3choked on an aspirin
9/26/1989GreensburgPAJames Walker6swallowed a tack
2/28/1990EvermanTXRaymond Griffin5drank 10 ounces of bourbon
9/19/1990WaukeshaWIErik Rivera2ate paint chips
11/24/1990SchenectadyNYCassandra Dean9swallowed a tack
2/13/1991TacomaWAKatharine Hickman, 3-months0.3choked on a marble
5/28/1991AshevilleNCDaniel Wiggins8choked on a hot dog at Pisgah Elementary School
7/6/1991Orange CountyFLChristopher Thatcher, 13-months1.1swallowed a screw
7/16/1991KissimmeeFLboy, 6-months0.5choked on a small bell
9/16/1991FredericksburgVAShaneika Yates2drank kerosene
12/3/1991W. Boca RatonFLJohn Clifton, 4-months0.3swallowed a clacker ball
12/3/1992CharlotteNCJason Davis10inhaled dart through blowgun
8/22/1993Colorado SpringsCOboy2choked on a grape
10/25/1993BurtrumMNSteven Hastings6choked on a balloon
11/30/1993Colorado SpringsCOWilliam Sidwell, 20-months1.7choked on a piece of a latex glove
12/20/1993New HavenCTRichard Jones, 18-months1.5drank 4 ounces of scotch
5/25/1994CoronaCAboy11died of food poisoning after eating undercooked goat meat
11/1/1994Fort LauderdaleFLEster Jean-Louis, 17-months1.4swallowed 2 balloons
11/9/1994Fort LauderdaleFLboy12choked on biscuit in the Tequesta Middle School cafeteria
11/16/1994Deerfield BeachFLGlenn Pullum4choked on a hot dog
3/18/1995N. Richland HillsTXboy4choked on a balloon
4/27/1995New BritainCTJacqueline Vargas6choked on a chicken nugget at Diloreto Elementary School
6/14/1995OremUTAlexandra Richardson6choked on a peanut butter sandwich
9/28/1995ClevelandOHCory Ruper4choked on chewing gum
10/11/1995BethelAKJulian Nelson4swallowed a balloon
1/7/1996MobileALStanley Finkley Jr, 22-months1.8choked on a hot dog
2/14/1996Glen BurnieMDTaylor Jones3choked on a hot dog
3/1/1996HarlemNYCiara Santiago8choked on a hot dog at P.S. 109
4/12/1996New UlmMNboy3choked on a balloon
10/22/1996AlbanyNYgirl2choked on a balloon
1/10/1997FremontMIBryan DeHaan5choked on a marshmallow in pre-school classroom at St. Clair Elementary School
7/4/1997LadysmithWIDanny Pobanz5swallowed a balloon
9/13/1997RockfordILCassandra Bounleutay, 5-months0.4swallowed a balloon
12/30/1997WarrenMIboy11choked on chewing gum during basketball practice
12/31/1997Palm BayFLPeter Schadow2choked on a Trouble game piece
1/1/1998HutchinsonKSLogan Neufeld, 22-months1.8drank sulphuric acid
1/7/1998MadisonWIFrankie Evans12choked on a piece of bratwurst at John Muir Middle School
3/1/1998Cedar RapidsIAgirl2choked on a hot dog
3/1/1998Jackson HeightsNYJeremy Emanuel, 22-months1.8choked on a marble
3/29/1998BrooklynNYDamon Quinteros7choked on pizza
4/11/1998CarpentersvilleILboy5choked on a balloon
7/28/1998ChalmetteLAEvan Savarese2choked on a plastic coin
12/15/1998StanleytownVADonald Schmidt9choked on a waffle at Stanleytown Elementary School
12/31/1998Haines CityFLCassidy Vega, 7-weeks0.2choked on a hot dog
1/30/1999ShrewsburyMAboy2choked on a pea
4/10/1999San JoseCAMichelle Enrile11choked on gel candy/was in coma 2 years before dying in 2001
4/23/1999FairfaxVAboy2choked on a vitamin
6/4/1999ChicagoILCatherine Fish12choked while playing "chubby bunny" at Hoffman Elementary School
9/8/1999Haines CityFLKadeja Smith2swallowed a balloon
12/14/1999PeoriaILboychoked on a ball
1/6/2000Coral SpringsFLKevin Rodriguez11choked on a hot dog at Sawgrass Springs Middle School
5/29/2000OmahaNEPhilip Aparo11choked on a piece of sausage
7/3/2001LancasterCAScott Sprinkle2choked on a corn dog
1/2/2002NJboy2choked on Asian jelly candy
2/11/2002PrinevilleORGeoani Lopez-Martinez, 9-months0.8choked on a corn tortilla
3/22/2003HamburgPAJacob Fugate2choked on French toast
8/17/2004Valley StreamNYDeontea Riley3choked on popcorn at a movie theatre
8/21/2004MilwaukeeWIBenny Houston, 18-months1.5choked on the plastic top of a candy-filled "Big Baby Dips Jrs" bottle
9/22/2004BrooklynNYDonovon Phillips5choked on a piece of latex glove
9/23/2004CummingGAArely Rodriguez9choked on a hot dog at Midway Elementary School
1/14/2005GaffneySCCharles Wolf2choked on popcorn
2/24/2005PortageINShonda Simon8choked on a hot dog
5/12/2005BronxNYJocelys Santiago5choked on peppermint candy at her day care
5/17/2005Fort CollinsCOJerome Nelson Jr2choked on a bead
6/2/2005BrentwoodCALuke Lui, 8-months0.7choked on a cherry pit
6/3/2005GlenviewILCatherine Fish12choked on marshmallows while playing "chubby bunny" in her classroom
6/17/2005EulessTXJoshua Palma, 14-months1.2choked on popcorn
7/1/2005FremontCAEnrique Cardenas III4choked on a hot dog
11/23/2005RedmondWAKenneth Sweet5swallowed Magnetix building set magnets
1/8/2006MartinsburgWVZakary Tetlow, 19-months1.6choked on a plastic toy nail
2/17/2006New YorkNYCooper Burkey4choked on a pill
2/22/2006MinneapolisMNJarnell Brown4swallowed a leadlead-filled charm
3/12/2006SumterSCTa'Kenya Smith1choked on rubber ball
7/14/2006San DiegoCAAllison Hale2choked on popcorn
7/26/2006BronxNYRandy Yurena3choked on a pill
9/14/2006LaPorteINJuan Loera9choked on a hot dog at Hailmann Elementary School
9/26/2006LakelandFLMarily Mosso2drank granite cleaning chemicals stored in a pop bottle
11/29/2006Wichita FallsTXRachel Swanson2choked on a hot dog
1/31/2008MarlboroughMADarnell Cobb5choked on a paper fastener while riding the school bus
4/23/2008BronxNYJoshua Rodriguez5choked on a rubber ball
11/3/2008DallasTXIsabella Estepswallowed a rock at the Woodbridge Day School
3/18/2009HicksvilleNYOlivia Raspanti2choked on a baby carrot at the Carousel Day School
6/24/2009WillardUTboy, 14-months1.2drank paint thinner
7/3/2009ClearwaterFLStephan Talley, 16-months1.3choked on sunflower seeds
7/9/2009LewesDEgirl3choked on a grape
9/11/2009HesperiaCASavino Lopez2choked on a grape
10/7/2009AikenSCMacy Steele4swallowed a screw
11/22/2009HamiltonOHAidan Truett, 13-months1.1swallowed a button battery
1/12/2010WenatcheeWAAntonio Arriaga4choked on a hot dog
1/25/2010BrewtonALgirl, 8-months0.7swallowed a marble
2/4/2010Los AngelesCANoah Akers13choked on a hot dog during a hot dog eating game
3/2/2010VictoriaTXPedro Hernandes9choked on a marshmallow at Schorlemmer Elementary School
4/6/2010EustisFLDamarian Davis, 13-months1.1choked on popcorn
6/3/2010Fort MyersFLPedro Diego2choked on a jawbreaker
6/9/2010ClermontFLColton Mitchell14choked on a hot dog at East Ridge Middle School
6/24/2010North MankatoMNHannah Kozitza4choked on a grape at the Golden Heart Child Care Center
7/27/2010BargersvilleINAnna Surface3choked on a hot dog
1/11/2011CobleskillNYJoshua Falconio2choked on a ball
6/14/2011MilwaukeeWIDesmond Yound10choked on a toy dart
6/29/2011BrownsvilleTXLeonardo Silva2swallowed gasoline
8/11/2011OceansideCATyler Howell3choked on a pushpin at the Montessori School of Oceanside
10/7/2011Arkansas CityKSDavin Manly2drank household cleaner
10/20/2011LouisvilleKYJa'Corey Davis2choked on a push pin at Trina's Treehouse Childcare Center
2/20/2012Mercer CountyPAAizeya Mattocks8choked on a hot dog at Mercer Area Elementary School
5/7/2012MedinaWIgirl2swallowed gasoline
6/4/2012Norton ShoresMINikolas Wypa6swallowed a small rock on the playground at Churchill Elementary School
12/20/2012ArcadiaCAAthena To5choked on strawberries
1/28/2013Lake ParkIAgirl, 11-months0.9swallowed a china doll foot
1/31/2013San BenitoTXRuby Ramirez7choked on a balloon at her school
8/15/2013MiamiFLboy, 7-months0.6ate a laundry detergent pod
10/12/2013AllianceOHBryce Skidmore9choked on a lollipop at Rockhill Elementary School
10/29/2013Las VegasNVJulian Wilson, 23-months1.9swallowed a button battery
11/15/2013New Port RicheyFLNicholas Azzue14choked on a miniature Snickers
12/16/2013FriscoTXMeaghan Levy5choked on a push pin at Corbell Elementary School
12/24/2013KissimmeeFLboy1ate a laundry detergent pod
3/13/2014MilfordMAboy2choked on a screw
4/15/2014MontclairNJFrank McDonough, 13-months1.1swallowed a safety pin
4/23/2014HagerstownMDboy, 8-weeks0.2choked on a piece of candy
5/15/2014Mount VernonWAgirl3choked on a grape
6/24/2014Palm CoastFLboy3choked on a piece of bread