DateCityStateNameAgeCause of Death
7/8/1869New YorkNYThomas Marsden10crushed by a tombstone
7/10/1888Hobble CreekUTIsaac Nuthall6crushed by logs
7/10/1895TacomaWABruno Schusarta tree fell on him
1/28/1897New WhatcomWA2 brothersa tree fell on them
3/31/1897Mountain CreekAL2 sistersa tree fell on them
6/5/1898Red RockMNRay Hall12crushed by a piano
6/25/1899WauseonOHRansom Terrycrushed by a tombstone
1/3/1900Van NuysCAEarl Newton16crushed by a freight elevator at the Van Nuys Hotel
2/6/1901BrooklynNYEthel Webster6crushed by a counter at a dry goods store
7/11/1901NinevahPAMyrtle Morrison6crushed by a boulder that hit her bedroom
10/4/1902Salt LickKYboy3crushed by a piano
12/26/1903CadizKYIrvin Pirecy16a tree fell on him
9/10/1904BrooklynNYYetta Berkewitz18crushed by a tombstone
9/24/1904Pleasant RidgeOH9 girlsschool outhouse collapsed
2/15/1906SpartanburgCAboy12crushed by a rock from a blasted quarry
3/21/1906StewartonPAWilliam Hawk11a barn roof collapsed on him while he fed cattle
4/11/1906OaklandCAFarrell Canty10crushed by an elevator
3/28/1908ProvincetownMA2 boyscrushed by ruins in half-burned Centennary Methodist Episcopal Church while gathering firewood
8/14/1908ScrantonPANathan Sullivan8200 lb. weight fell out of window upon him while he roller skated
12/22/1908ChicagoILElmer Birdseye7crushed by an elevator
4/7/1909OaklandCARaymond Ayala16crushed by an elevator
7/9/1910Karns CityPADonald Summers4crushed by washing machine
8/17/1910KendrickIDboy2crushed between logs
9/6/1910RoxburyMAMaurice Sweet7crushed by bleacher collapse at Boston College
10/1/1910ReddingCAboy3crushed by cider press that fell over
10/5/1910ChicagoIL3 boyscrushed by a steel mortar box at the Manierre School
4/19/1911AthensGAgirl2crushed by crossties
5/29/1911GrotonCTGladys Maynard11crushed by a boulder
8/31/1911Des MoinesIAMargaret McAnniffcrushed by a tombstone
4/1/1912ProvidenceRIWilliam Mather Jr12crushed by a boulder
6/14/1912MilwaukeeWIFrank McQuillan15crushed by an elevator
6/22/1912TonawandaNYJoseph Macione7crushed by a tombstone
7/25/1912PoughkeepsieNYRaymond Callender4crushed by a tombstone while the funeral of John D. Rockefeller was taking place
11/21/1912MeridenCTBridgett Perek4crushed by a falling log
5/17/1913South NorwalkCTLloyd Cavecrushed by a tombstone
9/10/1913WashingtonDCBertram Spiess3crushed by a tombstone
9/11/1913SharpsburgPAThomas Packar7crushed by a pile of planks in a lumber yard
10/24/1913MilwaukeeWIWilliam Lutz15crushed by an elevator
7/14/1914FultonKYAlfred Rogers11a tree fell on him
7/30/1914Union CountyNMNicholas Simmons7crushed by a boulder
8/7/1914AnacondaWALeona Clark12crushed by a lumber pile
4/28/1915TocsinINIola Gossard5crushed by stone slab at church
9/30/1915Mt. VernonILboy8crushed by a platform at the fall livestock show
5/11/1916CentervillePABenjamin Rice6hit by debris from a quarry dynamite explosion 1,000 feet away
6/29/1917CoquilleORClifford Laird17crushed by a log
3/18/1920DenverCOKatherine Christensen12crushed by an apartment house wall that was blown onto her while she walked on the sidewalk
5/4/1920BurlingtonVTPhilip Moriarty12crushed by a collapsed wall
6/18/1920New YorkNYPeter Mandola8crushed by a piano
7/22/1920PlainfieldNJAlfred Knass3crushed by a tombstone
9/24/1920Norwood ParkILboy2crushed by a tombstone
10/20/1920PittsburghPAAnthony Givybowski8hit by a 250-pound block of ice while hitching a ride to school on the back of an ice wagon
4/4/1921KenoshaWIFrancis Lynch7crushed by a crane that his friends accidentally dropped on him
4/16/1921New YorkNYRobert Mooreheadcrushed by a piano
6/2/1922OwossoMICaliste Bouchard5a motorcycle fell over on him
7/5/1922ChicagoILboy14crushed by an elevator while committing a burglary
8/24/1922WheatlandCAHarry Moore12an iron bar from a railroad turntable fell on him
3/12/1923S. PortsmouthKYDennis Boggs9hit by roof of high school, torn off in windstorm, while playing on playground
4/19/1923MarshfieldORRuth Cook9crushed by a log
4/23/1923ElizabethNJCharles Summer9crushed by a tombstone
7/24/1923Englewood CliffsNJAlice Kelly4crushed by a boulder
8/28/1923DetroitMI3 boyscrushed by a brick retaining wall
1/3/1924HaywardWI2 boyscrushed by logs they were hauling on a sled
2/13/1924SpokaneWAClarence Blus3crushed by an elevator at the Fairmont Hotel
6/12/1924San AntonioTXJose Ramos11crushed by falling airplane debris while he was chopping cotton in a field
6/17/1924DuluthMNJames Tulloch13crushed by a freight elevator
8/5/1924QueensNYChester Obutelewoz14crushed by a tombstone
8/15/1924Camp KnoxKYHorace Price Jr7crushed by falling library shelves
12/8/1924BakersfieldCAMarvin Delaney12an oil derrick fell on his bedroom roof
6/6/1925ChicagoILLester Laelche5crushed by a tombstone
1/11/1926ScrantonPALeo Koeitch15frozen coal waste fell on him
6/4/1926Highland ParkPARaleigh Freed9crushed by a concrete lawn ornament
7/14/1926Deer ParkWAJohn McIntyre3crushed by a lumber pile while he was chasing his dog
9/20/1926Fort LauderdaleFLnew-born babycrushed when its house is destroyed by a hurricane, only an hour after it's born
9/24/1926BradentonFLTruman Pike17canopy collapsed on a crowd gathered to listen to Dempsey-Tunney boxing match
8/19/1927MoscowIDHelen Heimgartner3a hay rack fell on her
12/9/1927AdrianMIJohn Harker16crushed by a piano
1/28/1928HonakerVA2 childrencrushed by a boulder
4/3/1928OgdenILClifford Hightshoe3crushed by a water tank in his backyard
4/17/1928ChicagoIL2 boysbrick wall falls on them at Plamondon School
9/13/1928DallasTXFrank Erwin Jr14crushed by a boulder
11/12/1928AltonILRuth Stuaffer6crushed by a flower urn at the Humboldt School
11/14/1928BrownsvillePAJohn Check7rock slide
7/9/1929PittsburghPACharles Campbell7crushed by a retaining wall
7/18/1929Chagrin FallsOHLester Savage12crushed by tree roots while digging under a tree
8/21/1929MoscowID2 teen boyscrushed by a tree
9/18/1929White PlainsNYLewis Aquilano15a telephone pole fell on him
10/1/1929AltoonaALWilliam Oden4crushed by a tombstone
12/25/1929MeridianMSEvelyn Dawes16filling station roof collapsed under weight of snow
3/3/1930Plum CityWIMilton Gilles14crushed by a barn door
4/26/1930BaltimoreMDThomas Woods8playing in a stable when the walls collapsed
7/25/1930WesterlyCTEleanor Whitford7a 50-pound rock, blasted by a nearby construction project, crashed through the roof of the car she was sitting in
11/19/1930IrontonOHJames Dean12a stump, blown up by dynamite, came crashing through a classroom
4/30/1932WorcesterMAWendell Richards8crushed by an apartment elevator
7/27/1932DixonILJohn Nagycrushed by a bird bath
8/13/1932MilwaukeeWIVincent Jasenovic3crushed by a 150-pound block of ice when he runs into an ice man with his tricycle
9/7/1932TuscaloosaALRobert Holley Jr4tire comes off truck and hits boy playing in his yard
11/6/1932BryanTXWanda Hensarling4crushed by a tombstone
10/25/1933RochesterNYEdward Briggs15crushed by a tombstone
3/22/1934ChicagoILJoseph Karaskiewicz14shack collapsed on him while he was gathering old wood for firewood
6/18/1934ChicagoILJames McKeown3crushed by a tombstone
8/7/1934WiltonMEOrrin Melcher9crushed by a dump cart while he was climbing a tree
8/19/1934BethelPAClifford Zellers, 23-months1.9a motorcycle fell over on him
9/19/1934East PittsburghPAWalter Fisher Jr7a concrete wall fell on him as he tried climbing it
3/1/1935Eau ClaireWIEugene Potter5crushed by a carpenter's bench
6/3/1935SewardAKFannie Smith9crushed by a boulder
6/7/1935CrookstonMNMargaret Francis9crushed by a stampeding circus elephant
6/26/1935El PasoTXStephen Sparks16crushed by rock from dynamite blast at a cement quarry
7/14/1935PottsvillePAFrancis Stanlan13crushed by a stone wall
8/16/1935BlyORRoy Hughes18a log fell on him
5/19/1936WashingtonDCBetty Randebusch13a circus tent pole fell on her
9/5/1936RockfordILTeddy Pearson4crushed by a soda fountain counter while playing in a barn
8/2/1937RockportMA2 teen boyscrushed in a rock slide
8/30/1937HopkinsvilleKY2 boyscrushed in an elevator at a motor company garage
12/18/1937DearbornMIDavid Mayott8crushed by brick and stone that fell from the roof of a building where he was looking through a window at a toy Santa
1/2/1939New YorkNYJerry Medelman6crushed by a piano
7/7/1939PunxsutawneyPAGary Peterson2crushed by an old flight of stairs stacked outside his house
10/28/1939CartersvilleMODonald Jones5crushed by a tombstone
10/28/1939NewarkNJMarjorie Simmons8crushed by a piano
2/6/1940EriePARobert Gradler Jr6crushed by a 500-pound piece of ice that broke off the roof of his house
2/18/1941Grand CouleeWA2 brothersbasement under construction collapses
3/29/1942DowningtonPAJohn Cox17crushed by a 3-ton steel weight while helping his father
4/17/1942PittsburghPADonald McNulty5crushed by an iron fence
5/7/1942HooversvillePA2 girlscrushed by a piano during a May Day celebration rehearsal at Hooversville School
5/16/1942YakimaWAJames Harper16crushed by a boulder
1/21/1943PittsburghPABilly Gourley11crushed by a slag pile
7/30/1943MinneapolisMNGeorge Krick Jr17crushed by a freight elevator
9/25/1943LibertyPAMary Sullivan2100 lb. tire fell on her in her garage
10/28/1943Key WestFLThomas Key13crushed by a tombstone
3/4/1944GlasgowKYJames Bishop8a log rolled over him
7/8/1945St. PetersburgFLVirgil VanDevender8crushed by a plant box
7/6/1946BronxNYTheodore Smith7crushed by a piano
8/8/1946Kansas CityMOJesse Blancarter6earth slide
9/30/1946MiamiFL2 boyscrushed by steel girders while they played in a construction company yard
4/26/1947YorkPAFrances Wonders4crushed by a stack of sugar sacks
7/10/1947New YorkNYAnthony Manno11clung to the side of a subway car for 7 blocks before being crushed
3/8/1948SunnysideWAKenneth Stickley7a concrete wall fell on him as he tried climbing it
3/20/1948LandreckOH2 boyscrushed by a church steeple knocked over by a tornado, while they were working at the altar of St. John's Catholic Church
4/17/1948CascadiaORMerle Walker15crushed by a boulder
4/22/1948RoebuckSCJ.M. Campbell2a flour box fell on him
5/30/1948ArlingtonMNJames Millslagel3crushed by a tombstone
6/17/1948MilwaukeeWIRichard Meyer18crushed by a load of insulating materials
7/28/1948MilwaukeeWIWilliam Wallace5crushed by paper bales while searching for old comic books at a paper scrapyard
4/11/1949Oregon CityORTommy Svegel9crushed by a piano at St. John's Catholic School
5/10/1949MurrayKYJackie Young6crushed by a tombstone
5/28/1949ReadingPAJames Nunemaker16crushed by a piano
7/18/1949WheelingILEarl Koelper3crushed by a roll of roofing paper
7/29/1949MilwaukeeWIKathleen Nemec5crushed by a flower box
8/5/1949PhiladelphiaPAMichael Graham2crushed by a piano
9/12/1949MeadvillePADale Martin9crushed by a concrete slab
9/16/1949TampaFLLouis Labarbera3crushed by a tombstone
9/27/1949SpokaneWAJulia McRae10crushed by a pile of 100-pound sacks of dried peas
10/13/1949CortlandNY2 brotherscrushed by a piano
11/23/1949TrufantMIBarbara Newell8crushed by a piano in school
2/6/1950ValdeseNCJackie Pons6crushed by a 50-gallon steel drum
3/28/1950SarasotaFLRoger Schooley5crushed by a circus elephant while he fed her peanuts
3/28/1950Kansas CityMO2 brotherscrushed by a tree
5/6/1950DysartIAboy11crushed by cupola blown off school building
5/31/1950PontiacMIGeorge Erikson3crushed by a tombstone
6/5/1950De PereWIArnold Albertscrushed by a tombstone
8/23/1950New YorkNYEdith Ayal5crushed by ice that fell off a pushcart
8/28/1951RochesterMNGerald Lyke10crushed by a falling wall at a demolition site
8/28/1951St. PaulMNSamuel Ferrise4crushed by a wooden slab
8/30/1951ClevelandOHLucinda Mangekian8crushed when a road grader scooped her up while she was playing
10/22/1951LevittownNYJennifer Hume5crushed by a piano at Sunday school
1/11/1952New YorkNYAnthony Blaskovich Jr14crushed by a moving orchestra platform at the Academy of Music Theater
2/18/1952St. PaulMNRobert Parker14crushed by a railroad turntable that he and friends were operating
5/25/1952TucsonAZCindy Lauther5crushed by a giant rotted saguaro cactus
6/23/1952QuincyMAOtis Hazelton18crushed by a rockslide
7/5/1952DetroitMI2 boyscrushed under a paper bale
8/7/1952St. PetersburgFLboy10crushed by a load of planks at a lumber yard
3/4/1953HattiesburgMSBrenda Hillman3a tree limb fell on her
3/20/1953Salt Lake CityUTCharles Peck6crushed by a pile of lumber in his backyard
3/24/1953Kansas CityKSJames Rocha5crushed by 1,300-pounds of waste paper
5/11/1953PhiladelphiaPABertha Alfred16crushed by a stone that fell off a building
5/28/1953BridgewaterPARose Bedich7hit by a pole that snapped off at the Bridgewater Elementary School playground
6/2/1953HopkintonIAPaul Ehlts6back yard swing set tipped over on him
7/15/1953High PointNCJohn Bean Jr7crushed by a piano
11/20/1953HephzibahGAGlenda Martin6crushed by a wall of an exploded school gym while she was playing outside
12/10/1953BendORBonnie Brockett7crushed by a piano at Sisters Grade School
1/27/1954LongviewWACindy McLeod8a barn roof collapsed under the weight of snow
2/12/1954LawrenceMAStephen Savoie5an iron gate fell on him
3/31/1954AllentownPAKathleen Marks5crushed by a tombstone
5/10/1954ChehalisWAWilliam Siefner7crushed by a draw bridge
8/4/1954St. MariesIDDavid Castle14crushed by a load of logs after he escaped from an overturned truck
9/15/1954MilwaukeeWIJohn Pawicz5crushed by a steel beam in a junk yard
9/29/1954New HavenCTRobert Hubbell7crushed by a steel beam
10/11/1954WhitevilleTNDennis Wright2crushed by a tombstone
1/8/1955LakelandFLRose Mary Gardner5crushed by a 400-pound oil drum
3/6/1955PatersonNJPatrick Grompone13crushed by metal wall lockers at Don Bosco Technical School
3/14/1955St. PetersburgFLBilly Baker7crushed by a cement slab
3/21/1955Spring MillPAAgnes Montgomery5crushed by a concrete statue
5/14/1955Great LakesILJanice Singleton3crushed by a piano
5/25/1955AugustaGA2 boysa concrete wall at a baseball stadium collapsed on them, and also killed an adult
6/17/1955DetroitMIPaul Gallo5crushed by a piano in his kindergarten class
3/12/1956ChicagoILDonnie Harper9crushed by an elevator
3/28/1956CharlestonMOCharles Grogan17a tree fell on him
6/14/1956ScrantonPAAnthony Boadio7crushed by a cinder pile
7/25/1956Mt. PleasantPATerry Hostetler6crushed by a hot water radiator on his porch
9/24/1956AlbertvilleALLinda Croyle4crushed by a tombstone
10/20/1956BeloitWIJerald Skogen3crushed by a concrete flower box
12/17/1956East OrangeNJEdward Schneider6crushed by a tombstone
2/15/1957DuluthMNLisa Rosenthal8crushed by an ice statue
5/7/1957YorkPAKathleen Lighty5crushed by a tombstone
5/17/1957RoslynWAJimmy Hiner8frame-mounted rotary wood saw overturned on him
7/8/1957Devil's Lake ParkWIKenneth Kracium4a tree fell on the tent he was sleeping in
9/5/1957Van Buren TownshipMIJames Bailey3an iron work bench fell on him
4/28/1958LandisvillePAAnn Fitzgerald, 16-months1.3crushed by a dresser
5/7/1958WaukeshaWIJudith Ferree7crushed by laundry tubs in her basement
5/8/1958San FranciscoCALinda Larsen3crushed by an elevator
5/23/1958TacomaWAPhilip Malm16crushed by a water boiler
8/10/1958FlintMIKenneth Okoniewski Jr3crushed by a piano
8/21/1958YonkersNYGeorge Overbaugh9a clothesline pole fell on him
9/29/1958WaverlyMNBeverly Decker7crushed by a pile of cement sacks
10/2/1958CincinnatiOHMary Breitenstein7crushed under 300 pounds of earth while a basement was being dug out
11/7/1958RosevilleMIJohn Skriec3crushed by a piano
12/27/1958ElkhartKSMarsha Brengman6a television antenna fell on her
1/4/1959ChicagoILLinda Benson4crushed by a block of granite that was hurled down an underground stairwell by a skidding bus
4/3/1959MiamiFLRobert Paul8crushed by a pile of shutters
5/27/1959HoustonTXGloria Rivera13brick wall fell on her at McReynolds Jr. High School
6/5/1959Green BayWILinda Nachtwey, 22-months1.9crushed by a brick wall
8/19/1959Bethel ParkPAMichael Kerin3a swing set collapsed on him
11/2/1959EphrataPAElla Nolt17a tree fell on her while waiting to watch a baptism
11/15/1959GenoaOHAnthony Riedeman10crushed by a piano as it fell off a moving truck
12/22/1959KaukaunaWIDonald Biese9crushed by a boulder
1/1/1960DallasTXTina Brandon2crushed by a moving sidewalk at Love Field
4/4/1960GirardvillePAPaul Mekosh6crushed by a tombstone
7/2/1960BaltimoreMDJames Pratt17crushed by a dumbwaiter at the Emerson Hotel
3/31/1961New CastlePAKeith Stevenson7crushed by a tombstone
5/27/1961NatickMARichard Ericson6crushed by a piano
9/1/1961Kansas CityMOCharles McDonald Jr14a shed collapsed on him while he and friends were knocking away the ends of the building
11/20/1961Green SpringsOHGary Swartz11crushed by a tombstone
3/10/1962Eau ClaireWIRebecca Kees16crushed by a 300-pound piece of ice that fell off a building
4/19/1962SodusMIBrenda Harrison10crushedby a piano
5/9/1962RichmondVABenjamin Moody9a tree fell on him
5/22/1962ScrantonPAMarguerite Griffin4crushed by a tombstone
5/24/1962BrooklynNYLaura Jones3crushed between a moving elevator and a wall
7/19/1962CharlestonSCDerrick Rollerson5concrete wall fell on him
7/25/1962PortlandORMichael English17crushed by a freight elevator
8/27/1962EastonPAEugene Guzzo15crushed by a falling brick wall
8/31/1962RexburgID2 childrencrushed by a newly-dug basement wall
10/1/1962Mercer IslandWAGary Risch13a tree fell on him
2/1/1963Columbia HeightsMNDavid Schroeder10crushed by electric folding door divider in gymnasium at Valley View School
2/6/1963Bowling GreenKYKent Richardson3a folding table fell on him at Potter-Gray Elementary School
4/13/1963NewarkNJAlice Talbot8crushed by a tombstone
8/6/1963Cherry HillNJPeggy Sweeney8crushed, along with her father, by a moving stairway at Garden State Park race track
9/28/1963FletcherNCSandra Bagwell4crushed by a propped up boat
10/19/1963RichmondVAWilliam Emmerich11crushed by a concrete slab
7/16/1964CascadeIDRicky Darden8a tree fell on him
8/10/1964SharpsburgPARaymond Piveronas6crushed by a wooden box
9/8/1964S. MilwaukeeWIDonald Berg5a tree fell on him
10/18/1964BrooklynNYJanet Cole10crushed in a subway turnstile
12/30/1964TucsonAZMichael Kaufman17crushed by a boulder that some friends pushed as a joke
6/7/1965ColgateWIWilliam Rogers4crushed by a 150-pound wooden mantel that fell on him while he was swinging on it
6/17/1965St. PetersburgFLMitchell Miller, 18-months1.5crushed by an old car engine that toppled on him
7/8/1965Soda SpringsIDCindy Braithwaite4a wooden beam fell on her
7/10/1965BronxNYFelix Cancell10crushed by a piano
4/9/1966HickoryPASamuel McCracken6crushed by a boulder
6/29/1966MadisonWIRuth Freedman3crushed by a caged circus elephant
9/8/1966WiltonCTMark Noschese16crushed by a boulder
9/29/1966FishkillNYStephen Nawrocki10crushed by a cast iron water pipe
10/15/1966HaymarketVAZackary Jenkins2a bedspring fell on him while he played in his back yard
11/12/1966TuscaloosaALDiana Boling3crushed by a steel container of ice at a seafood company
11/17/1966LaCrosseWIJohn Lenser13crushed by locker at Longfellow Junior High School
1/31/1967SandwichILPeter McMahon4crushed by an old bathtub in his garage
3/25/1967HutchinsonKSCraig Sewell11a patio wall fell on him as he jumped over it
5/15/1967LowellMABrenda Durand5crushed by a marble bird bath
5/19/1967GreerSCRobert Staggs, 18-months1.5crushed by a stove
7/8/1967BrentwoodNYJohn Montalvo5crushed by a baseball backstop
10/11/1967QueensNYMelissa McQueen2crushed by a piano
6/18/1968MilwaukeeWIAvilla John2crushed by an old refrigerator in her backyard
11/18/1968IndependenceMOEverett Friend Jr3a television fell on him
2/25/1969BerlinNHNorman Boucher15crushed by the roof of an ice arena, while he was on on the ice playing hockey
8/8/1969EscanabaMILief Goodman11a tree fell on the tent he was sleeping in
9/29/1969DorchesterMADarrel Stewart14crushed by a high-rise apartment building elevator, when he and friends were playing a game
10/27/1969WarrenPAWilliam Kohler14crushed by a boulder
11/12/1969ChicagoILDavid Payne8crushed in an elevator shaft
11/12/1969Pilot RockORParrin Sells3an old stove fell on him
1/8/1970WashingtonPASteven Headlee5crushed by a piano
3/27/1970N. VersaillesPAJames Collura9crushed by a boulder
9/7/1970FlorenceORGary Howard17crushed by a tree that fell on him while he was sleeping in a sleeping bag
9/19/1970Shaler TownshipPAMichael McGinley8crushed by a tombstone
11/30/1970TukwilaWAMichelle Sackspeder2a bed spring fell on her while she was playing
12/28/1970New YorkNYClark Thorton12crushed in an elevator shaft
1/21/1971ClevelandOHKenneth Harrison4a television fell on him
6/16/1971GreenvilleSCRosetta Miller7crushed when a downed tree rolled onto her
9/14/1971Kansas CityMOChristopher Irwin9a 200-pound window railing fell on him
2/8/1973BraddockPAVincent Loughery4crushed by an old stove
2/10/1973St. PetersburgFLRodney Taylor9crushed by slab of concrete while digging a tunnel
3/14/1974LodiCAKelly Skibo5a truck tire fell on him
4/28/1974BronxNYHector La Sada12crushed by a boulder
9/26/1974SalemUTSusan Thorpe8crushed by a piano at Salem Elementary School
10/15/1974JamestownMIJennifer VanRhee2crushed by a tombstone
1/6/1975BrooklinePATimothy Kelly3a cabinet fell on him in his garage
5/6/1975ButlerPAKelly Keefer8a pillar from a chain link fence fell on her
5/23/1975PawcatuckCTWendy Brunelle5crushed by a stone monument at a monument company
6/15/1975Klamath FallsORBillie Keeling11crushed by a boulder
8/2/1975StratfordVAJeff Burnell15crushed by a landslide while he was carving the shape of a cross into a hardened clay wall
9/4/1975SchuylervilleNYEric Brockway3crushed by a portable cement mixer
1/2/1976MaryvilleLAKacy Coody2crushed by a tombstone
3/23/1976JacksonvilleFLKatherine Watson10a tree house fell on her while she sat on a swing
5/12/1976CincinnatiOHMichael Tolle4cash register falls off cart onto his head at Rockdale School
6/18/1976WashingtonPAFred Hoak7crushed by a lawn ornament
8/2/1976Santa MariaCA2 boyscrushed by an old wooden water tank while they slept outdoors
7/18/1977MilwaukeeWIKelvin Massey5a 50-pound flower urn fell on him
8/11/1977NashuaNHClifford Eisnor10rock pile slide
12/9/1977PingreeIDLou Ann Duncan6crushed by a piano at Pingree Elementary School
2/3/1978Kansas CityMOPhillip Cleavenger5crushed by a piano
4/8/1978DetroitMILando Culver, 15-months1.3crushed by a sofa that his father set down on him
6/9/1978White OakPAJaneen McGuire12rocks and asphalt fell on her as she took shelter under a ledge of a roadway during a storms
7/19/1978PattonPAboy6crushed by a stone pillar
9/1/1978MiamiFLAiden Varnado8crushed in an elevator door in an apartment building
11/3/1978Fort MeadeMDKelly Malone2crushed by a tombstone
2/15/1979New YorkNYWilliam Mitchell12crushed by an elevator
4/4/1979RathdrumIDboy14crushed by a concrete wall
9/19/1979OxfordCTGino Sciortino2crushed by a portable counter
9/19/1979DunwoodyGALaura Wilson9a soccer goal fell on her
5/6/1980JayMEDaniel LaFosse13home show exhibit wall fell on him while he was helping to dismantle it
5/27/1980SeymourMOZachary Duvall4crushed by a tombstone
11/6/1980Los AngelesCAboy8crushed between an elevator car and a wall
2/16/1981LittletonCOJoel Rogers7crushed by a concrete lawn statue
2/18/1981CumberlandRIPaulo Lopes17crushed in a dough mixing machine
4/27/1981CheneyWARobert Lawley Jr8homemade log swing set collapsed on him
7/7/1981CharlestonSCJoshua Newell4crushed by a tombstone
9/8/1981HillsboroughNCBrandon Perkins9a tree fell on him
9/30/1981NewnanGAMargaret Hannah4crushed by an uprooted tree
1/2/1982FlintMIGeanovis Davis13a cement block wall from an exploding restaurant fell on him
2/22/1982LawrenceburgTNJonathan Jaggers, 10-months0.8crushed by a tombstone
7/22/1982DrainORJonny Reigard11a tree fell on him
8/20/1982ZeelandMIStephanie Shuck3crushed by electric bed while a patient at a hospital
1/29/1983MiltonWIDavid Kerr7hit by tv set that fell off cart at Milton West Elementary School
4/8/1983MonmouthORWilliam Hare7a dumpster lid fell on him
5/8/1983CartersvilleGARodney Shell Jr8a tree fell on him
7/3/1983SpokaneWAgirl, 18-months1.5crushed by a dresser
8/16/1983PrescottAZPreston Cook7crushed by a concrete wall
8/30/1983Yellowstone ParkWYTom Pearse10crushed by a boulder that was dislodged by another hiker at Yellowstone National Park
10/17/1983Klamath FallsORBrent Topham13a barn wall collapsed on top of him
12/8/1983PhiladelphiaPAMaureen Wisely12flagpole fell on her at St. Barnabas Elementary School
12/28/1983OcalaFLKeith Dunham14crushed by a concrete wall from an abandoned house
2/15/1984FondaNYIra Wells15a tree fell on him
3/26/1984Gum SpringVAMichael Sims17a burning tree fell on him
7/19/1984CassopolisMIJohn Smith4crushed by a table while he was reaching for a hymnal at the Lord's House Church
8/1/1984Tincum TownshipPAChristopher Gallowaya tree fell on him
12/3/1984TrumbullCTPiet Sears8crushed by a boulder
12/20/1984SeattleWADaniel Armstrong10swing set in city park falls on him
4/9/1985FayetteMEPatrick Murrell6crushed when a canoe supported by 2 sawhorses fell on him
4/21/1985Center TownshipPAHailey Blishak8crushed by a bale of cardboard
8/5/1985PittsburghPACarl Tuszynski13a construction boom fell on him
8/19/1985PlattsmouthNE3 boyscrushed by sandstone in a cave
9/10/1985Coeur d' AleneIDPaul Ahhi12a swing set fell on him at the Coeur d'Alene Christian School
9/30/1985CorinthMSKeith Miles16a tree fell on him
11/1/1985WestervilleOHScott Fuehrer14soccer goal fell on him at Westerville South High School
11/21/1985ReadingPAJoshan Rivera5crushed by the soundboard of a piano that was being refurbished
12/9/1985MilwaukeeWIboy, 21-months1.8his 6-year-old sister accidentally dropped a mattress and box spring on him while trying to retrieve a pet kitten
5/12/1986North RiversideILBrandon Schwartz4crushed by a tombstone
5/21/1986FrostproofFLgirl3construction scaffolding collapsed on her
6/24/1986NewtonIAKent Schultz11crushed by a lawn mower
8/7/1986TumwaterWAWilliam Merz5crushed by a table in an office
8/21/1986Kailua-KonaHIRolani Fujihara4a wooden tiki fell on her at the Kona Lagoon Hotel
4/8/1987SchaumburgILJames Javor10crushed by an expandable lunch table at an elementary school
5/3/1987Boca RatonFLJoshua Ashe3crushed by a table at the Royal Palm Polo-Sports Club
5/16/1987PullmanWAZehran Dogan7crushed by a soccer goal
5/28/1987MiamiFLElton Lee7crushed by a stack of plywood at a Home Depot
7/21/1987OgdenUTLandon Short8crushed by a boulder
10/8/1987BarnstableMAJoseph Park5crushed by an iron stove being carried down some stairs
10/21/1987Live OakFLLindsey Dempsey3crushed by a metal dog carrier
11/21/1987SchenectadyNYRyan Varga2crushed by a tombstone
12/20/1987NashvilleTN2 teen girlscrushed by a crowd rushing into a rap concert
2/29/1988BostonMADennis Yau5a television fell on him
3/4/1988SeattleWAJ.R. Strom17crushed by a vending machine at King's High School
4/4/1988BaltimoreMDChristopher Rigsby3crushed by a tombstone
9/15/1988Deerfield BeachFLboy3crushed by a chain link fence at Deerfield Beach Middle School
12/27/1988BronxNYAndre Duran Jr13crushed by a compactor
2/10/1989HollywoodFLSean Owens4crushed by a lawn statue
5/30/1989New BrightonMNMatthew Bauer4crushed by a cross that fell from a tombstone
9/29/1989PlaistowNHNicholas Marcotte7soccer goal fell on him at Pollard School
11/16/1989NewburghNY9 childrenwall collapsed in strong wind at East Coldenham Elementary School
8/12/1990NashportOHWilliam Priest12a tree limb fell on the clubhouse he and some friends were sleeping in
2/8/1991MemphisTNJabril Muhammad4a television set fell on him
3/23/1991ManhassetNYDeanna Moon9crushed by a motorized gym partition at Sunquam Elementary School
4/1/1991WarrenPATimothy Campbell9a large rock rolled on top of him
5/10/1991MinotNDJesse Volk8crushed by a boulder
5/19/1991IrvineCAJohn Dutriz4crushed by a birdbath
5/30/1991TampaFLMarcus Graham, 18-months1.5crushed by a stove
7/2/1991St. AugustaMNDane Terwey5crushed by a tombstone
10/11/1991ChicagoILAlicia Jenkins, 7-weeks0.1crushed by 2 relatives who fell on her
2/18/1992New HavenCTChristopher McCarthy11crushed under 15 panels of sheetrock
3/21/1992Rock IslandWAVictor Andrade13soccer goal post fell on him
9/28/1992New YorkNYDayne Thompson6crushed by sacks of coffee
11/28/1992AshevilleNCLarry Pace Jr7crushed by a motorized scaffold in the back yard
2/16/1993St. PaulMNTino Zimmerman, 16-months1.3crushed when his drunken cousin passed out on top of him
3/26/1993Waterville ValleyNHEvan Lynch-Gilbert5hit by snow and ice from a condo roof
5/8/1993Palm BayFLKristoffer Hood5a swing set fell on him
5/27/1993Ellicott CityMDCooper Williams4crushed by a statue of the Virgin Mary
6/18/1993Ross TownshipPAJillian Richey9school playground slide falls on her
8/10/1993HinesvilleGAAshley Grant3crushed by her playhouse
9/1/1993WaterburyCTRobert Bernabi5crushed by a boulder
9/13/1993MadrasORNicholas Villagomez4crushed by a metal gate at a fairgrounds
12/2/1993WalthamMEKeith Jordan2crushed by a truck tire that fell on him while he was playing on it
12/5/1993AshevilleNCXavier Eddings2a flagpole fell on him at Memorial Stadium
5/29/1994BaytownTXJennifer Sutton5crushed by bleacher collapse at Memorial Field
4/28/1995OxnardCABrittany Llorin5a television fell on her
6/24/1995Bel AirMDTeresa Ackerman14swing set collapsed on her
10/17/1995WinooskiVTRichard Sweitzer3a tree fell on him
10/20/1995Great FallsMTElizabeth Gould16crushed by family car she rolled out of her family's garage when she snuck out of the house
2/28/1996AbileneTXboy3a wardrobe fell on him at a Sam's Club
6/7/1996New Port RicheyFLBrett Puniska4crushed by an entertainment center
7/18/1996BakersfieldCAYovana Hernandez8a tree fell on her
8/6/1996SomervilleTNAndy Hall9crushed by a tombstone
8/21/1996MilwaukeeWIChisu Yang11crushed by a freight elevator in his parents' store
9/4/1996ProspectOHDawn Brammer9crushed by a tombstone
9/7/1996AlamanceNCCurtis Warren13a tree fell on him
9/24/1996EvansvilleINAmanda Canary14swing set fell on her
10/17/1996MontroseCOJustin Pitts12a tree fell on him
4/5/1997ArcadiaWIJonathan Moyer3a cattle gate fell on him
5/21/1997Rocky MountNCBrian Pastuszak10crushed by a lawn mower
7/17/1997MiddlefieldCTTimothy Malone9a flagpole under repair fell on him
8/30/1997HuntersvilleNCRyan Browy12crushed by a 2-ton water pipe he and friends were playing on while waiting at a school bus stop
9/8/1997Virginia BeachVAgirl2a television fell on her at a Wal Mart store
2/6/1998BloomingtonCAMark Adams2a television fell on him
3/27/1998DebordieuNCJennifer Young5crushed by an elevator
5/23/1998EugeneORDesiree Mathieu3crushed by a television in a motel room
7/30/1998ClareMIRyan Maikowski5a tree fell on him
8/12/1998Balsam LakeWIDavid Good6a rooftop television tower fell on him
9/28/1998ColumbusOHJohnathon Snyder7a 225-pound pipe fell on him
3/12/1999PittsburghPARobert Procter2a television fell on him
6/20/1999Staten IslandNYMark Price5a tree fell on him while he was in a hammock
7/25/1999Linton LakeORKeegan Dillon6a tree fell on him
9/23/1999MiddleburyINSpencer Oesch4crushed by concrete pipe on playground at River of Life Fellowship Church
9/30/1999AmarilloTXMichael Flores4a swing set fell on him
5/28/2000Twin FallsIDJanessa Horner3crushed by counter tops at a Home Depot
7/12/2000CartersvilleGAAnna Chambers11hit by a piece of drywall from the ceiling that fell in a convenience store
9/16/2000Los AngelesCASteve Silva7crushed by a utility cart at Roscoe Elementary School
2/2/2001PhiladelphiaPAJonathan Cozzolino5cafeteria table falls on him at Hamilton Disston School
5/3/2001ButlerOHJames Wies9crushed by a tombstone on a class trip
8/24/2001BethelMEJoseph Smith8crushed between 2 elevator doors at the Bethel Inn & Country Club
1/19/2002Fernandina BeachFLKatie Drummond7a television fell on her
3/27/2002RossvilleGACory Green8hit by old telephone pole that fell down
4/4/2002Cape CoralFLAuston Daniels4a television fell on him
7/25/2002OremUTgirl5crushed by a television tha fell from a display at a Circuit City store
8/22/2002BrooklynNYBryan Pizarro-Quinones1a television fell on him when he leaned into an end table
5/5/2003Mustang RidgeTXgirl9crushed by a plastic water tank
7/21/2003SeminoleTXDanny Fehr2a swing set fell on him
8/11/2003GreenvilleSCQuintavious Green2crushed by an electric stove
12/22/2003LebanonOHJarod Bennett6cafeteria table fell on him
4/19/2004NorwichCTDrake Chapman7crushed by a boulder
6/8/2004GardnersPAOwen Lentz7a tree fell on him
12/18/2004SterlingMAMeghan Beck3a dresser fell on her
1/21/2005JenkintownPAKatie Lambert3a dresser fell on her
8/11/2005Ocean TownshipNJgirl8a tree fell on her at a first-aid class in a Boy Scout camp
9/21/2005LargoFLMichael Fetherolf3a television fell on him
11/10/2005GreenfieldPAFrederick Kincaid-Panfil1crushed by his grandmother's electric lift chair
1/6/2006VermillionOHDominic DePaul8crushed by a boulder
1/27/2006OshkoshWICassandra Scott4a television fell on her
4/7/2006BrooklynNYAlexander Williams3a television fell on him
4/27/2006BrooklynNYDebbie Lerner4a television fell on her
5/17/2006JacksonvilleFLgirl5a tree fell on her
6/21/2006OrlandoFLKevin Flores4a television fell on him
10/5/2006IndianapolisINShamiya Rose2a television fell on her
1/12/2007AllentownPAGiovanni Carballo4a table fell on him in a store
3/15/2007QueensNYAdhanasios Holevas, 9-months0.8a television fell on him
4/17/2007FerndaleMIgirl5a flagpole fell on her at Roosevelt Primary School
5/10/2007Lawrence TownshipNJSamantha Ventresca2a television fell on her
6/25/2007PowhatenAREugene Bailey Jr14crushed by a boulder
7/28/2007MiamiFLboy3a television fell on him
9/23/2007PomonaCAboy2a television fell on him
9/29/2007BakersfieldCAAaliyah Nutt7a television fell on her
1/15/2008GypsumCOMiles May6a television fell on him
3/22/2008La JoyaTXboy2crushed when an obese relative fell on him
7/16/2008JoeltonTNNathaniel Dickerson5a swing set fell on him
7/23/2008St. PaulMNgirl2a television fell on her
9/3/2008San DiegoCABronte Smith1a television fell on her
12/13/2008PearlandTXGiovanni Rodriguez2crushed by a tombstone
12/30/2008CharlottesvilleVAJameria Brown9a swing set fell on her
1/27/2009Salt Lake CityUTboya television fell on him
2/23/2009El MonteCAKimberley Menjivar6a television fell on her
3/26/2009CamarilloCASophia Gomez4a television fell on her
4/7/2009Oklahoma CityOKGeorge Perdomo Jr2a television fell on him
4/21/2009FiskMOCobbie Bond7a swing set fell on him
5/6/2009JacksonvilleFLDymounique Wilson4a television fell on her
8/14/2009Jersey CityNJYuli Mendoza3a television fell on her
9/24/2009PhoenixAZgirl3a television fell on her
10/31/2009West CovinaCAJasmine Ilgenfritz6a television fell on her
11/17/2009PhoenixAZgirl, 11-months0.9a television fell on her
12/3/2009West KensingtonPAboy, 10-months0.8a television fell on him
12/7/2009DelranNJboy2a television fell on him
12/29/2009WestminsterMDNoah Asid9a tree fell on him
6/10/2010OrlandoFLBlake Garriss2a television fell on him
6/27/2010CressonTXgirl2a television fell on her
7/11/2010St. LouisMODeondre Watson Jr2crushed by a stove
8/1/2010VerlotWAgirl11ice fell on her at ice cave
9/9/2010NoviMIDavion Duesette2a dresser fell on him
10/11/2010SpringtownTXJackson Jones, 11-months0.9a swing set fell on him
11/14/2010Las VegasNVboy, 18-months1.5a stove fell on him
3/14/2011Barrington HillsILShane Siefert2a dresser fell on him
5/18/2011ChantillyVAboy, 13-months1.1a television fell on him
7/7/2011ColusaCAKateri Meraz7a television fell on her at Our Lady of Lourdes Church
10/3/2011Port St. LucieFLShawn Brown, 23-months1.9a television fell on him
11/1/2011Arlington HeightsILKarl Clermont6a television fell on him
11/8/2011ChicagoILShaniya Singleton3a television fell on her
1/15/2012ChicagoILGianna Hadjis4a television fell on her
2/8/2012ChicagoILShaun Brown, 13-months1.1a television fell on him
3/15/2012KnoxvilleTNJosie Fine7a swing set fell on her
3/19/2012MilwaukeeWIYariam Ramos4a television fell on her
4/2/2012AndersonSCWilliam Alden2a dresser fell on him
4/5/2012ChannelviewTXJesus Arteaga Jr5a television fell on him
4/23/2012PasadenaTXboy, 9-months0.8a television fell on him
5/18/2012LodiNJLaz Ayon6a clothes line pole fell on him
5/26/2012LaveenAZboy2crushed by a 500-pound gate
6/9/2012Deep GapNCPeyton Townsend4crushed by a tombstone
7/7/2012Park CityUTCarson Cheney4crushed by a tombstone
7/27/2012San AntonioTXJohn Rice1a television fell on him
9/10/2012Oneida TownshipMIWayland Baker12a swing set fell on him
9/11/2012SyracuseNYAmaya Beaudreault2a television fell on her
10/16/2012PhoenixAZIsiah Hernandez5a television fell on him
11/8/2012Des MoinesIAAleena Coe3a television fell on her
11/23/2012EvansvilleINGennix Starks4a television fell on him
12/5/2012Jersey CityNJGabriella Torres, 13-months1.1a television fell on her
3/22/2013BirminghamALLuke Bresette10crushed by a flight information sign at the Birmingham airport
3/27/2013Las MilpasTXEminey Garza2a television fell on her
4/18/2013TroyNYgirl3a television fell on her
5/15/2013Attica TownshipMIgirl1a television fell on her
5/31/2013WichitaKSboy3a television fell on him
7/11/2013LouisvilleKYZackery Foree13a tree fell on him
7/18/2013San AntonioTXElias Rodriguez3a television fell on him
10/3/2013BismarckNDboy, 21-months1.8a television fell on him
10/8/2013San DiegoCAAnnette Estrada2a television fell on her
10/18/2013North PoleAKDehlia Shakoske2an air compressor fell on her
12/16/2013RichlandWAboy, 18-months1.5a television fell on him
12/23/2013ColumbusGACamryn Lawrence2a television fell on him
1/22/2014SalinaKSRayanna Harsh2a television fell on her
1/28/2014AuroraILCyliyah Yarbrough4a television fell on her
2/6/2014GardnerMAColby O'Brien8a tv cart fell on him at Elm Street School
2/11/2014MagnaUTSamuela Kauvaka2a television fell on him
2/24/2014MaconGAgirl, 17-months1.4a television fell on her
2/25/2014White SettlementTXChristian Rincon4a stove fell on him
3/5/2014WhitehallOHCarlos Mullins, Jr4a stove fell on him
3/18/2014Corpus ChristiTXJordan Arredondo7a television fell on him
4/1/2014EdinburghTXKeane Wallis-Bennett12a wall fell on her during gym class at Liberton High School
4/19/2014LilliwaupWAboy12a tree fell on him
5/1/2014South WaverlyPAgirl, 20-months1.7a television fell on her
6/3/2014RockwallTXgirl3a television fell on her
6/10/2014San FranciscoCAKayson Shelton2crushed by a statue
6/10/2014PalmettoFLLexi Antorino9a swing set collapsed on her 12-10-07, and she was in a coma for over 6 years
6/10/2014EdmontonKYKayden Thompson3a television fell on him
6/12/2014IndianapolisINDemetrius Jones, 11-months0.9a television fell on him
6/24/2014BrownsvilleTXOzzie Martinez3a television fell on him
6/28/2014PhiladelphiaPAWynter Larkin3crushed by a security door at an ice cream shop
7/4/2014AliquippaPA2 sistersa dresser fell on them
7/8/2014Highland ParkCAgirl2crushed by a trundle bed
7/9/2014MillersMDboy12a tree fell on him at River Valley Ranch
8/6/2014Winona LakeINDaniel Holbrook14a tree crushed his bedroom
8/21/2014AlsipILDallas Harden16crushed by a concrete wall
8/25/2014Harrison TownshipOHAmartye Williams4crushed by a dumpster lid
8/29/2014CornwallNYChristian Martinisi6a lally column fell on him